Question about alpha clone changes

Can alpha clones who have hit 5m sp buy alpha injectors, or regular injectors to go past the 5m sp limit?

CCP’s dev blog seems to indicate that they are restricted to Alpha status, not to the 5 mil Alpha cap for free training. It is important to note, however, that the unallocated SP cannot be applied towards Omega skills while you remain an Alpha.

You can use either Alpha injectors or standard skill injectors.

Alpha injectors are restricted to accounts in the alpha status (no subscription).

Standard injectors don’t have any restrictions.

So, as an Alpha, you can use both.

If you inject 60 million skill points from skill injectors (either), you will have 60 million points listed in the character sheet.

As an Alpha account, however, you still have a list of skills that are Alpha and a list of skills that are Omega only. This upcoming patch increases the number of Alpha skills, but there’s still a limit.

So as you start to apply the 60 million points to various skills, you’ll basically fill up the Alpha skills (using approx 20 - 5 = 15 million points) and then you’ll have 45 million points still in your character sheet that you won’t be able to apply to any skill because all the remaining skills are Omega only.

So you can go Omega for a month and immediately apply those 45 million points to various Omega skills. Unlock carriers and titans, whatever.

Then once the month ends, and you go back to Alpha status, all of the skills that are trained beyond the Alpha skills will remain in your character sheet, but will be INACTIVE, and you won’t be able to fly the carriers and the titan etc.

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