Question Regarding Skill Injecting on an Alpha Clone

I was wondering if you can use unallocated skill points on any skill in the game as an alpha clone? And are you limited to only being able to reach 20 million sp?

You can still only use alpha skills as an alpha clone. You can only reach 5 million SP normally as an alpha, and a max of 20 million SP using injectors. Injecting SP into cloaking will NOT give you the cloak skill as an alpha. Even if you could inject it, why would you want to? You can’t use it anyway.

You can’t allocate the unallocated SP to non-Alpha skills while an Alpha. But, you don’t have to allocate them while an Alpha. You can train your Alpha up to 5 mil while injecting every day and collecting a large pool of unallocated SP. Then, once you subscribe or PLEX to become Omega, you can dump those SP into any skill you want.

But, it’s still cheaper to sub in the first place.

So if i were to train advanced laboratory operations 4 on an omega and it became an alpha, I would lose those research slots?

Correct, you would no longer have research capabilities as an alpha.

You’ll keep the skill, trained at 4, but yes it becomes inactive and thus you lose the research slots.

Alphas are severely limited in the industry and trading fields; CCP wants Alphas to participate in PVP and PVE combat, but not gain access to the big money-makers. They want you to pay (monthly fee or PLEX) for continued access to that.

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