How many skill points do alpha clones get?

A while back I am certain I remember it was a cap at five million, but I read on the account management screen there’s twenty million SP cap? Are there any rules or stipulations about alpha SP? I tried to Google and it’s a mesh of what the old and new rules are and it’s a little confusing.

You have a soft cap of 5 mil, which is a far as you can train. To get to the hard cap of 20 mil, involves daily alpha injectors, which last I checked were 75 mil isk each and I think only gives 50k sp per day.

Or if you want to use real money, $6 will get you 10x injectors

If you upgrade to omega, then lapse back to alpha, you would need the alpha injectors if you are passed the 5 mil sp mark.


Alphas can use all types of skill injectors, not just the alpha-injector.

You also cannot buy normal injectors directly with PLEX, you have to sell the PLEX first to get ISK and buy the injectors from the market. Alpha-injectors can be bought with PLEX directly.

If you have been omega, you get to keep certain skills if you go back down to alpha (those marked as alpha-skills). The rest are locked until you go back to omega.

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This Dev Blog will explain the current rules. You can train any skill on the list up to a maximum of 5 million SP completely free. If you are a returning player or allowed your subscription to lapse you can use all skills on the list up to a maximum of 20 million SP. If you want to train beyond the 5 million free SP, you need to purchase skill injectors or subscribe.

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If I went Omega, can I still use Daily Skill injectors?

edit: I’m so dyslexic but I read on the item screen that it’s alphas only - assuming it’s not a new character thing I would not be subscribed to be able to use a daily?

Yes, you must be alpha in order to use daily alpha skill injectors.

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Thank you for your clarification and I understand now - I ended up buying ten skill daily injectors. I also have a funny story kinda about Eve’s companion phone application.

Thank you for your purchase! :white_check_mark:
Something went wrong with your purchase.

Wut? So I went through and did it again and got the same screen so I thought it was broken. Then I got a confirmation email for both orders. Same phone app will let you buy $500 in PLEX too :laughing: I decided since it was just ten bucks I was okay with it - I’ll get a large skill injector then.

You can sell the daily injectors on the in-game market - selling prices are in the 65-70 million ISK range at the moment. Large injectors are currently overpriced in my opinion - 900 million for 8-10 days worth of training. If you’ve got the cash and want the instant gratification go for it but I’d recommend considering a set of “standard” +4 attribute implants. They’ll give you an extra 8640 SP/day forever (unless you lose your pod) for a little over 100 million ISK (20-25 mil/implant).


The 20m SP is just the sum of all skills which can be used in alpha state. The 5m is the real cap.
These daily injectors make 50’000 SP, thus 10 make 500’000 SP and can be applied only one per day. For 500 Plex you can subscribe omega for one month, where you can freely train about 1.7m SP.
Think about it.


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