Alpha skill points

Hi, I know that as an alpha you can have around 5m SP for free, and that you can take that up to 20 something million with injectors or temp subbing etc. The question i have is regards that upper 20 something million SP.

if i trained every single available alpha skill would that equal the upper limit or would I need to specialise. For example ive been training all alpha shield skills which is fine, but also I’ve stuck to just hybrids and gallente ships at the moment.

i dont want to go off into other factions ships or weapon types if it will dilute my SP in other areas, id rather have the best skills that a pilot flying gallente ships with hybrids would need rather than a mixed bag of everything… hopefully this makes sense.


Get Gnosis or Praxis and use them fitted as you want.

thats not really the answer to the question "if i trained every single available alpha skill would that equal the upper limit or would I need to specialise. "

Plus i dont want to limit myself to 2 ships

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Thanks @Lucas_Kell that is what i was looking for.

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Firstly, the Special Edition ships (like the Gnosis or the Praxis) are incredibly versatile. This does mean they lack in some areas ofc, balance is required after all, but they take almost no skills to fly and they can be used in a wide variety of ways so it isn’t really these ships that would “limit” you as much as the clone status.

With regards to the SP limit and the skills you can train: The “non passive upper limit for Alpha SP total” is 20.5mil. Let us say you get to 5.5mil using the passive training allowance and the Skilling Spree this would leave 15mil SPs to gain before you reached the “Alpha ceiling”. This will only really be done through Daily Alpha injectors when you consider the cost/SP ratios of the daily injectors and the other types of injector. At 50k SPs per injector per day it means you would need to use one injector every day for 400 days to get there.

I think this more or less makes the question a little moot. If you do this then given the cost of the injectors you would - in my opinion - be far better off going Omega anyway. In terms of cost/benefit this would be far better, allowing you to not only gain your SPs faster and easier but also allowing you a far greater freedom to train as you wish to shape your char as you wish. The ways you can develop your char are far greater and the abilities you unlock should also be considered as, being an Omega clone, you are able to gain isk faster, do more and added together means you can also afford to enjoy more in the game as well as being more likely to be able to further increase your training faster due to the extra isk income allowing you to more easily buy further injectors.

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Hi @FairyTail_Omaristos thanks for your reply.

it may be worth mentioning that I already have 2 omega accounts.

The basis for the question was literally trying to place SP into an alpha account so that he can be the best he can be with the skills available to him as an Alpha.

What @Lucas_Kell mentions above is hopefully the way it is anyway, in which case my question has been answered. However ignoring his reply for a minute this character currnently has skills for gallente Frigs, destroyers and Cruisers as well as Hybrid weapons.

As such I want him to be best skilled around those ships and weapons (as well as drones of course for Gallente), and so my concern was if i start putting SP into other areas (armour or missiles for example) would I reach the 20.5m overall SP limit before he is fully skilled.

I appreciate the time involved, and the cost etc but that is all secondary to my question… now I may well occasionally sub for the odd month here and there as my income allows to speed up the training but I must be careful not to exceed the limits of the alpha training scope.

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There is no 20.5m skill limit, it is just a sum of costs (in SP) of all skills available to Alpha accounts.

I think max Alpha skill level should include all fitting skills, Frigate/Destroyer/Cruiser skills, defensive tank skills (armor or shield), primary/secondary weapon skills and some Career oriented skills.

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@Ugren_Okaski which equates to about 20.5m sp yes?

@DeMichael_Crimson if all the available SP for an Alpha add up to 20.5m then that is already the case isnt it. i know on other alpha accounts I used the few trade skills get get a few more market slots and to slightly reduce the sale tax. i did this for an idea I was having at the time, although have not really progressed with it.

The total amount of Alpha skills available has much more skill-points than the 20 mill Alpha skill-point cap. Mainly due to the large assortment of ships, modules and career choices currently available to Alpha characters.

What I’m thinking is if an Alpha character stays with Tech 1 skills (some T2 mods don’t need specialization or Omega skills) and sticks with small to medium Tech 1 Racial ships, that Alpha character should be able to train max Alpha level in Fitting skills, Frigate/Destroyer/Cruiser skills, Racial weapon skills, Defensive tank skills and still have room to train up some Career skills.


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