Alpha clone can't train 1+ day skills?!


I’m confused by the new interface of the skill training for Alpha clones.

I add the skill Gallente Frigate IV which is 74,500 points, 3d 4h. Then the skill queue pauses and says:
"You can’t start training with this skill queue because it extends beyond the 5,000,000 Clone State Alpha training limit."

The skill queue points are obviously way below the limit. So something is odd here. Anyone else experiencing this? Is it a confirmed bug?

How much sp do you have you likely have enough that training that skill will put you over 5m sp

What’s sp? Where can I check it?
Wait, is 5m the total limit of skill training and after that alpha clones can’t train anymore even if the skills are available?

Yes 5m is the maximum an alpha can train naturally after that you need to use the injectors SP=skill points

Under my character I noticed the Total Skill Points 4,994,169

That explains the mystery. I had no idea there’s a hard cap on training for alphas. That sucks : / I guess I hit the limit that alphas can have fun in the game. Need to consider investing if I want to keep playing.

You can buy the daily alpha injectors to get farther if you are able to make 50m isk easily

I make 1-2m isk a day and I don’t play everyday. I won’t have isk for anything else if I buy such expensive injectors!

Ouch what are you doing to make 1-2m /day?

Project discovery and a couple of security or distribution missions.

You tried doing wormhole exploration

No, sounds risky and expensive. Is that the most lucrative activity? I have done exploring before and finding relics and sometimes got a couple of million but was risky too and could get blown up in low sec.

Same thing as lowsec much better reward not too risky and definitely not the best in the game

Will investigate how to do that. Thanks for the tip.

LOL been exploring wormholes for the last 3 hours. Lost 2 ships and about 5m I had found in datasites. The last ship I lost as I failed to unlock a data site. My ship automatically exploded when I failed to open it. Had no idea this was a mechanic. About 15 secs later about a dozen rats show up. I really need to study how all of this works. Learning by experience is costing me a lot. I’m 10m down : /

Ah that was a covert data site thoose ones have that happen aswell as forgotten and unsecured having npcs

the injectors for Alpha clones specifically, are usually between 30-40m per injector.

Where as the large skill injectors are 7-800 mil.

mission running can help with making isk, generally low risk, unless you fly blingy ships.

You might also consider the option of training further instead of using the alpha injectors either by

  • subscribing for omega with real-life $$$ and train only the expanded alpha skills (the rest of the alpha skill levels you are missing) either all the remaining ones or only the ones you plan to use and skip the rest


  • gather enough ISK to buy 500 PLEX and become omega for a month that way to keep training and repeat the process as needed.

Though not sure if you want to spend real-life cash on subbing nor how viable buying PLEX at your current ISK income rate. Also worth doing the math which produces better result PLEXing or buying the injectors.

Notice that as omega you train skills twice as fast as alpha and also that if you are comfortable wasting some training time on it you can train into using cloaking devices which can greatly help your wh exploration efforts by increase your chances of survival considerably.

Though to clarify, you have to be omega to train/use cloaking devices.

something i’m curious about @Veganic_X , your character is almost 2 years old, how do you not know some of this stuff, unless you created and left it for 2 years , and just came back to it.

fixed it :smiley:

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Yes indeed important detail which might not be obvious that even if you trained the relevant skills you have to be omega at the time to can actually use the cloaking devices, so cloak is only for omegas they are not part of the (expanded) alpha skillset.

Third attempt at wormhole exploration. Finished looting data site 3m, not much. Some guy appeared out of no where and blew me up in 2 seconds. No chance to react. 4 hours wasted and 15m down.

I’m out. Eve is not for me. I won’t be paying £10 a month for this bs.