Alpha State clone cap

So I am very well versed in the whole Alpha Omega clone states and I am quite happy with how it all works but I am a bit confused as to why the 5 million SP cap has not been removed on Alpha now that we have access to every ship up to battleship from any race regardless of our starting race. I honestly believe that this is a limitation which no longer applies as we are still capped from flying cap ships and some other specific vessels thus still requiring us to earn enough isk to upgrade at some point to Omega.

I know it is possible to still earn the isk but why maintain a 5 million skill cap as it prevents us from training all those ships we now have available to us on Alpha state? This seems to be illogical and it is concerning that this limitation still exist cause you can never in any universe learn all the skill to fly that many ships with only a 5 million skill point cap.

I do apologize if this issue was previously discussed elsewhere but I was unable to locate a topic of this kind in the search features.

Thank you for your time

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The idea is that you temporarily sub or buy injectors. Or it’s a benefit for being an x-omega. If you want more than 5mil sp, put some money into the game.


Because skill extractors require 5.5m sp to use? Think on that a bit.


If I am not mistaken. (Which I very well could be.)
If you are Alpha and cap out at 5 million skill points.
You will be forced to sub or PLEX out, thus directly adding money to CCP’s wallet in the former and indirectly adding money to CCP’s wallet in the latter.

That is true, but with the diminishing returns of skill injectors it really makes no sense to cap it at 5 million skill points for just that reason alone.

With Alphas retaining a core sub set of skills after PLEXing out or subbing, (Up to 20 million skill points) it lets you have access to a taste of almost everything after PLEX and sub run out and like a junkie, you have to go back and sub or grind ISK to get your fix. (Omega status)

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The purpose of Alpha is still essentially to take you only so far before becoming Omega becomes attractive / essential.

Very easy to forget that CCP is a company trying to make money, but they are, and they would very much like you to become dissatisfied with the limits Alpha imposes and buy Omega.

Simple as that.


Sub in to get omega and expand your skills, or buy skill injectors. CCP even made alpha clone oriented injectors you can use once a day to replicate training (except they are injectors so you don’t need to worry about attributes).

You can use up to 20 million SP as an alpha and CCP lets you pick which 5 million you want to try for free. After that, you have “tried” enough and need to actually purchase. Seems fair to me. Eventually, as others said, CCP has to make money for the service/entertainment they provide.

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You realize if alphas could train past 5.5m sp CCP instantly loses money from all the skill farms?

I’m not disagreeing with you.
I’m simply saying alone it is not a stand alone reason.
Skill injectors cost PLEX too you know.
Also, Alphas can already use skill injectors if I’m not mistaken to train beyond the 5 mill cap.
Make injectors cost more?

Injectors are created from paid accounts.
In order for those characters to get to the 20ish mil mark will take about a year.(with alpha training speed 2 year)Why should CCP catter to your needs as opposed to paying customers.
Also the 5mil mark is great to stop you from geting into pirate battleships with good support skills.

I would be all for blocking Alphas from BBs.
They generally do not have the SP to field them properly anyways.

Perhaps you arent understanding the implications. I’m not talking about INJECTORS. I’m talking about Extractors, which an alpha, if allowed to train past 5,499,999 skill points would be able to use? It goes from making skill farms require omega (thus a small amount of profit) to not needing a subscription to train enough to fill an extractor. Half-speed training is irrelevant. If I didnt need Omega to run a skill farm alt, what’s to stop me from making hundreds or thousands of alpha accounts and queueing them all up to 10m sp? Aside from the time investment involved? Nothing. Making extractors an omega-only item wont work either. They are there as an option for old time players who took a break from the game to pull out unused skills and make isk to plex back up if they wanted. Additionally, an alpha farmer would just queue up 3-6 months worth of long skills, fighter skills for example, and plex them once the queue is nearly empty.

Neither method will work.

So let’s get this straight… Skill extractors cost significantly more PLEX per SP removal and then gain… But somehow CCP will be making less money because people will be farming a more expensive PLEX to SP method…

I don’t get your logic. :confused:

Jesus you’re ■■■■■■■ dense. I’m not talking about whoever the hell uses the damn injectors. They could be traded between speculators for all I care. I’m talking about the fact that right now, in order for someone to skill farm, it requires the account to be in an OMEGA STATE to remove the cap. Should I emphasize that any further for you so you can comprehend that? Neon lights maybe? On a Goodyear Blimp? No? Ok. Moving on. What the op is asking for, is the removal of the only reason skill farms require a subscription. Get it yet?

Here’s a TLDR if you need it: you want skill farm? pay ccp a sub. OP wants cap gone. skill farmers wouldnt need to pay ccp a sub anymore in that case.

Then make it so skill extractors require Omega state to use at all.

No need to be rude.

…Yea, you’re dense. Gotta be. I already covered why that wont work.

Instead of constantly saying it won’t work and trying to find ways to show only how it won’t work. Why not try finding suggestive ways that might make it work more favorably to everyone’s benefit along side the ways it won’t work?

I’m sure if we work together, we can come up with something.

The problem is what you’re coming up with only benefits yourself and other people who don’t pay for omega. CCP needs money too, and if you could have almost all the omega benefits without paying then who would pay? Servers and running them isn’t free.

So you can not think of anything other than it only benefits the one you are conversing with and others like him/her and it will only hurt CCP because there exists no way that you can think of to make this work? :confused:

Assuming i never subscribe.
Maybe once or twice a year if I get lazy and don’t grind ISK for 12 days a year to PLEX out all year long.

That implies there IS any beneficial merits to the idea. The onus is on the OP to persuade us of those merits. From where I sit, there are none. Especially when the next step after this is people suggesting “why should there be alpha or omega in the first place, just be free 100%!”

Well, if CCP made it so you had to pay for alpha, then pay extra for omega then maybe they would implement a higher training cap? The bottom line is money, and CCP needs more of it. People who don’t pay for subs or plex are pretty low priority simply because they don’t pay money.