Hi,i am Alpha player,today i noticed i can’t make skills for more than 5 milions skill points,CCP will change limit,or something? I ask beacuse i am 14 old,and 15$ in my country is like 100$.

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You can go up to 20mil sp with an alpha. 5 mill in actual time training and the the rest with skill injectors with which you can buy using ingame isk in one of the trade hubs.

Oh ok,thanks :slight_smile:

To clarify, you can increase your SP with “Daily Alpha Injectors”, which are cheaper than regular skill injectors, but come with the limitations that only alphas can use them, and only one can be used per day.

You can also try plexing your account, which is what a lot of people in your position apparently do. Now, many would argue that newbros shouldn’t try to plex their accounts because it would lead to a lot of grinding and probably burnout, but you don’t really have any other option if you want to go omega. Moreover, you can make plexing your account much less of a chore if you pick an activity or two that (1) can get you a good isk efficiency relative quickly, and (2) that you enjoy doing. Thus, I suggest doing research to find good ways for newbros to make money. Just be aware that a lot of resources will exaggerate incomes in order to get more clicks. So, keep your expectations in check.

Anyway, the abyss is rather friendly to newbros, as it starts off easy, has a clear progression path, and can ultimately offer a rather good isk efficiency. Incursions are another good choice, but you’ll need to be able to afford and fly a starter BS before you can join fleets. However, once you get over that hurdle, you can earn between 100-150mil an hour.

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Regardless of the amount of your character’s SP’s or your account status, you can always add the unallocated SP’s gained from the log-in rewards and the Daily Tasks.

Just have a skill listed in the training queue, then select the + SP icon located in the lower left corner:

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