Difference between skill injectors?

Hi, just wondering what the difference is between large, small and alpha skill injectors. Im quite a new player with only 2.3m skill points. I plan to buy some skill injectors with isk, but unsure how many skill points each one will give me. The small skill injectors cost less, i take it that means they give fewer skill points??
Maybe a dumb question but i cant find any info online.
Thank you!

You can see the differences in game.
When you look up each injector, the info tab tells you what each one gives

Couple of resources:

It’s worth noting Alpha injectors can only be used by Alpha characters (up to 20 million total). See EVE Support: Alpha v Omega for more info.


Large skill injectors can inject up to 500k SP.

(Amount is based on diminishing returns, with high SP characters getting less than new characters. Above 80m SP you only get 150k SP per injector)

Small skill injectors can be created by splitting a large skill injector in 5. Perhaps unsurprisingly they give 1/5th of a large skill injector, up to 100k SP based on diminishing returns.

Usually small skill injectors will be sold for about one fifth of large skill injectors, but the prices can vary a bit, so do your own calculations. :wink:

Daily alpha injectors are special, in the sense that they can only be used by clones in Alpha state and can only be used once a day. This is the main way Alpha pilots can progress past 5m SP and makes up a bit for the lack of skill training compared to Omega pilots, I guess. These give 50k SP.

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alphas can use ANY of the injectors but the daily alpha injectors are strictly for them. and you can buy 10 of them for less than one Large injector and still be able to get 500k SP if you are already over 5 mil sp, just longer over time compared to directly injecting

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Thanks Gerard :+1:

Ah okay! Thanks very much :slightly_smiling_face:

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