Skill Queue Question

On the old Skill Queue at the bottom of the window. We had a buy or use skill injector, that had a pop up window that told us how much SP of a large injector we could use for our skill point total.

Where do I find that information since it is not on New and Improved skill queue?

Should I just not buy from the market and buy one for 40 USD from CCP? 1.5M SP for 40 USD.

It says it in the large skill injector info.

0 to 5 million Skill Points at time of use = 500.000 unallocated Skill Points

5-50 million Skill Points at time of use = 400.000 unallocated Skill Points

50-80 million Skill Points at time of use = 300.000 unallocated Skill Points

80 million or more Skill Points at time of use = 150.000 unallocated Skill Points

So if you are at 78 mil sp and you use 2 skill injectors, youll receive only 450m sp

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If you wanna save isk, and you are an alpha, buy the alpha injectors instead.

10 alpha injectors = 1 large skill injector (500k)
Last i recall is about 300m cheaper. Sure you have to go by the rule of 1 per day, but if you have more than 5 mil sp, its worth it. Plus theres no limit of how many you can buy and inject, except for the 1 per day, even if you have over 20 mil sp.

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You can get 2M SP’s for $39.99 at the moment.

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