Unallocated skillpoints... 50k or 100k... UI glitch?


Thought I’d try a new Alpha toon, and got the message below after trying out an Injector:


So, it’s 50k right? The total skillpoints seems to suggest so… but that message still says something about 100k.

Just thought I’d check here.



Unallocated are just skill points you can apply immediately. I’m not sure if there are the standard Alpha limitations, like 5mil SP cap or skill level cap, but you can apply them to a training queue to train a skill or skills up to 100k. The 50k injector is only for allowing you to train past the 5mil SP limit of an alpha clone.

Hope this helps!

you get 50.000 sp from the injector
then you have 150.000 sp unallocated

as alpha you can akill up to a cap of 5.000.000 sp after that the queue stops … you need this injectors to go from 5 to 20.000.000 sp


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