Alpha Injector doubt/issue

I keep coming back to EVE every now and then and I was looking through the changes and liked it until I got to the “I need to learn a skill” point.

Right now my char has 8.210.822.00 skill points used (yeah, she’s old) and to follow the advance military quests I need the Destroyer at lvl 1 at least. So I bought the minimum and one skill injector to try it.

It keeps saying that I’m over the 5 million skill points and to buy skill injectors or to upgrade to Omega.

Since buying my 50k skill injector didn’t work, does that mean that I either buy enough injectors to cover those 3 million skill points or get an Omega if I want to increase a skill?


The skill injector adds 50k to your unallocated SP pool. You should be able to directly apply them to a skill now.

The skill queue will not work anymore after 5mil SP if you are alpha

That may be it. They should put a warning label and not let you buy injectors in that case… I mean, I can trade with it I guess but is useless to me now that I’ve used it.

Now I have 50k unallocated points that I cannot allocate unless I go Omega, and I guess I cannot unlearn or reallocate skills.

Well fk… thanks for the answer though

Going to be a lot of unhappy people on this.

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I thought the process was…

Right click on skill book and select Inject Skill.

Go to your skill list. Right click on the new skill and there should be an option to apply unallocated skill points.

Also, you have 8 million skill points or 82 million?

I guess you misunderstand him. The skill queue does not work anymore. Skills in it will not gain skill points anymore.
But you can still apply skillpoints to a skill that is in the queue. So you can spend your unallocated points to the top skill in your queue.

I just tested it. If you have more than 5 million skill points on an alpha character, you can still add skills to the queue. As long as it is an alpha skill.
The skill will be in the queue but not progress. If you click on it and say apply Skill Points you can just add skill points to the skill and learn it this way.


Is 8 million.

Then I have it added on the queue, but I cannot start learning it due to the skil point limit.
And I’m not in the mood to go Omega right now.
I’ll have a look around but, I wish there was a way to “undo” the injection so I could at least sell the injector :S

You are not listening…

Right Click on the SKILL you wish to train to select Apply Skill points from your unallocated pool.

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You don’t have to train them. They are instant! You can apply them directly to a skill:


And you don’t need to be Omega. You can apply them to any skill in the alpha set.

Actually the OP is no the first one on the forums confused by this and I must say the UI for this is not really intuitive. They just made this in a hurry back when they removed the learning skills and they did not bother to make a clean UI since, even while completely reworking the rest of the character sheet.


Didn’t see that option. Thank you very much :smiley:


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