Is it really cheaper to buy SP off store, than fiddle with plex and Large Skill Injectors?

Just curious but I thought the only way to get SP for a character besides time, was to buy Large Skill Injectors off the Eve Market with ISK purchased from selling PLEX. But now I see for 40 dollars I get 1,500,000 SP and a learning accellerator.

According to my math, getting a max researched SP character is only around 10k dollars with SP purchased directly from CPP vs 20k dollars if purchasing plex and selling it to buy Large Skill Injectors. Is this true?

So that would cost you $800 for 30million SP

I know a place where you could get 30 million SP for ~ $230 . (With lots of extras thrown in)

Would you like to know where?

Where? Character Bazaar?

10 POINTS TO Ha’kaka mGondor, (or whatever your name is)

Just use the character as is, extracting the SP would incur extra cost, obviously

What if I just want to take a fresh character and pump him full of Large skill injectors until 400m sp? Would that cost 1,600 dollars for 30 million (going after 80million is already injected) and if not, how much?

Large skill injectors give diminishing returns the more SP you have. You need to factor that in.
They are pretty poor value after you hit 50m SP

0 to 5 million Skill Points at time of use = 500.000 unallocated Skill Points
5-50 million Skill Points at time of use = 400.000 unallocated Skill Points
50-80 million Skill Points at time of use = 300.000 unallocated Skill Points
80 million or more Skill Points at time of use = 150.000 unallocated Skill Points

Hello forum

For an average Jane like me I figured the 10 Alpha Injectors pack is cheaper than Large Skill Injector.
Sure you have to wait for each day to go by until you can use the next injector but the Skill Queue doesn’t stop anyway and theee are lots of skill that don’t need injecting for, like the 5-hour, 14-hour, 1-day… Even 3 days isn’t that long.
I think it cost me something like 24,99€
That way I can keep the PLEX I buy for isk or items in the store because almost 1bil for an injector just about gave a heart attack.

Fifie is frugal.

So basically, it is cheaper to buy SP directly from CPP than it is to buy plex, sell it, and buy the large skill injectors for the same amount of SP? I am talking about making a new character and getting him to 400m sp.

I just want verification from someone because this shocks me.

That’s what I surmise. But keep in mind that I’m going by my preference as far as price. Maybe another deal may save you money but my brain tends to freezes when I see prices over 200.

Fifie doesn’t calculate that well.

If you buy SP directly, you get unallocated SP.

If you buy PLEX, you get PLEX plus the flexibility of PLEX (use it for omega or sell it for isk to buy anything ) Flexibility has a value.

Remember that to have a max-trained character, you need to spend a LOT of isk on skill books … you can’t pump unallocated SP into unlearned skills.

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And its been mentioned before, you get less SP from skill injectors the higher you go.

So it would take a lot of money either way buying plex and skillbooks for isk and using in combination alpha injectors up to 20 mil sp as an alpha, then going to omega to further buy and learn skillbooks and buying SP from ccp and not large skill injectors

Also afaik you can only buy the SP packs once per account unless Im mistaken there. So you cant buy a max account from CCP directly ever. So a few mil SP top ups. I know theres a few of the massive top ups available but thats not sent to ever account that I know of either.
So unless you buy plex and convert to injectors you wont get a maxed toon anyway and itll cost you way more than the prices you have quoted.

I doubt you’ve actually done any math.

The answers to your question are right on the EVE Packs/Skill Points purchasing page.

Compare those to the Plex packs, and the current price of Plex.

The answers have already been posted on this forum before. Since you’re apparently too lazy to do actual math, or to compare the listed packages and prices, or to search for previous discussions on it, I’ll leave it there.

The Internet puts a world of information at our fingertips… but most people appear unwilling to lift that finger.

Here’s an updated chart that I made a while ago to compare the various SP costs:

Buying SP packages has become much more economical compared to about a year ago, when the chart looked like this (before the various sub/PLEX price hikes):

Of course there are various other factors to consider, such as sales, the size of the PLEX package you’re willing to buy, whether you’re using a booster duration implant, etc.

Actually every answer I’ve gotten might be wrong. I looked at the fine print on the store page, something I didn’t see before. Is it true that 1 character can only buy the Skill Point package 1 time forever?
This is the quote.

“Amplify your aptitude with single-purchase training boost bundles, supplying Cerebral Accelerators to increase training speed and unallocated Skill Points to apply however you choose!”

Do I understand this correctly?

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Your answers were wrong because you didn’t spend any time actually looking.

Yes, single-purchase means you can buy it once per account (not character). No, you can’t buy “max SP” from CCP - currently.

I haven’t looked recently but last time I checked the max SP you could purchase direct was about 7 million.

No one said it was once per account, and it is my fault for not seeing it. But i have done the math as if I hadn’t see the 1 time limit, and no one pointed this out to me. So I disagree with you.

To think that it all starts inside a Corvette, New Eden is full of fantastic opportunities.

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With the alt I’m making, I’m switching between using daily alpha injectors at 1st why getting all the free skill points i could find from the air program and log in points.

I then bought a starter pack with omega time and more skill points and someone gave me a small injector. Also using the boosters.

I know im not going for 400mil sp but after a few weeks I’ll soon be at 5mill, I’ll be switching from alpha and Omega as and when any suitable packs come out, or if i need the alt to fly Omega in the future.

So next target is 10mil, that should be fun :kissing_closed_eyes:

Helloo forum

It’s basically the only reason I shoot NPCs, for the SP killing spree and AIR program points. The missions are ok but the combat sites are more exciting for now.

I will do that when I want to use Omega-only items. So far the only one that interests me is the Cloaking device and a ship or two but I will use Omega time SP wisely. I still have whole tons of things to learn before I know how to best spend them.

I still have ways to go to 5mil but I have trained the important skills to 4 or 5 so now it’s targeted training.

I figure when I’m happy with my skills and understanding of certain things I can use a few days’ Omega occasionally to expand my playthroughs and continue experimenting with fits and mechanics.

:grinning: All in good time.

~Fifie in bootcamp

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