Would this work to get a high SP character?

I was wondering if this plan would work for gaining sp fastest.
First create 100 alpha clone free accounts. Get them to 5,5 million sp, then use 500 skill extractors on them for 5 months at a cost of 2 thousand dollars. Afterwards give all my skill extractors which are now skill injectors to my 1 paid omega account and after 5 months or so, he will be a 250 mlilion sp pvp machine. Would this work?

If I did it the easier way with plex sales i would have to spend 25 thousand dollars.

oh stop that

No, it would not. You would not a lot more skill injectors for this to work.

  • Characters with less than 5,000,000 skill points will receive 500,000 unallocated skill points.
  • Characters with between 5,000,000 and 50,000,000 skill points will receive 400,000 unallocated skill points.
  • Characters with between 50,000,000 and 80,000,000 skill points will receive 300,000 unallocated skill points.
  • Characters with more than 80,000,000 skill points will receive 150,000 unallocated skill points.

So how much skill points would your “PvP Machine” have, if it was on 10M SP and if you use 500 skill injectors?

  • 50M SP - 10M SP = 40M SP / 400,000 = 100 skill injectors. You have reached 50M SP mark.
  • 80M SP - 50M SP = 30M SP / 300,000 = 100 skill injectors. You have reached 80M SP mark.
  • 250M SP - 80M SP = 170M SP / 150,000 = ~1,133 skill injectors. You have reached 250M SP mark.

Hopefully my math is OK.

And for your dreams that you will be the PvP machine … depends on the context. There are players out there which will destroy you with lot lesser SP than you have. Maybe someone else will chip-in on that topic.

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I think the OP should go ahead and do it.


So it costs double, That is 6k dollars. Instead of 30k dollars. its a steel.

He can multi box with his 100 alts.

Funny thing is… at frigate 5 and small guns at level 5, lets also say support skills at 5 for that frigate class (3 or 4 months of skills or so) he will be par with a vet with the same skills even if that vet had 250mil sp.

With that idea his pvp god will still suck because he never learn to actually use the skill he got now affectively.

There is something to say for being able to fly different ships now and then.

learn to use one ship properly before you learn to fly all ships badly.


depending on what this means the idea may not work.

" You must be docked and in a capsule in order to use Skill Extractors . … You cannot extract skills that are currently training or in your skill queue. While the account is in Alpha Clone State, characters may only extract skills requiring Omega Clone State.May 20, 2020"

are they saying that alpha clones cannot extract anything but omega only skills?

While I know that this is a troll, the serious answer is that you won’t be able to train above 5m SP as an Alpha, and since you need 5.5m to extract, you will have to sub those accounts in one way or another. So you won’t be paying just the cost of the extractors. At that point, you might as well sell PLEX, and pay the roughly 25-30% premium over creating your own SP farm just to not have to wait so long. Here are the costs in terms of injectors:

000-005m SP: 10 injectors
005-050m SP: 112.5 injectors
050-080m SP: 100 injectors
080-250m SP: 2266.67 injectors

So you’ll need about 2,500 injectors to get to 250m SP. At 1.75 injectors per 500 PLEX (assuming you convert the PLEX to ISK, and then spend the ISK on injectors), you will need 735,300 PLEX total. If you buy the 15,400 PLEX packages for $500, then you’ll be spending $23,875 total. As mentioned before, you can shave off a few thousand bucks if you start your own SP farm, because subscriptions cost less than PLEX. But then you will have to wait (how long depends on how big the farm is).

But I have very good news for you! You don’t actually need 250m SP, because you will run out of combat-relevant skills to train way before that. You can max out subcaps, with the exception of some fringe support skills and weapon specialty skills to 5 (you can have a few, though), at around 100m SP. You can max out capital support skills and a single race of your choosing in another 30-40m SP.

All for the price of a gently-used Toyota.

Here’s the kicker for everyone else, though: we’ve all spent close to that much to get our high-SP characters. The difference is that we paid bit by bit, so we didn’t really notice. But a character being trained for a decade does cost thousands of dollars.

So if the OP really wants a high-SP character and is willing to pay, it’s probably not the stupidest idea, assuming he has the cash, and considering that time is money. The only real issue here is that most of the expenditure will be lost to injection taxes. So it’s probably a better idea to just buy a character on the bazaar instead.


OP has already made a similar thread regarding methods on how to characters with high SP : New Pilot, how do i buy my pilot tons of skills?

He didn’t learn anything from that thread, and he sure as heck is not capable of learning anything from this thread. Don’t bother with the troll.

Why are you calling me a troll? I am really trying to get a high sp character.

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And you have already received plenty of guidance on how to do it, yet you’ve refused to take the advice given to you and made another thread asking the same question.

Ignore the poor people around you and go for it.


Actually, I got my answer on this thread, and my question wasn’t even the same as on the previous thread. The previous thread asked “How to get a high skilled character”. This thread asked, if a particular method would work for this." And I figured out that the best bet would be to spend isk buying another already made pilot. So it works out.

Not a troll.

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If you want a high skill character quickly, the place to shop is the character bazaar here on the forums - there are PVP focused characters in the 100-250 million SP range for sale most of the time.

Simply buy PLEX from CCP, convert it to ISK on the market and buy the character you want.

Bear in mind that player skill matters more than character skill and you can’t inject that - you need to actually play the game and learn by doing.

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OP, how many more threads are you going to make about the same question ?

And another thing …

Just to note. As alpha you can only extract omega skills. So you need to to omega all that 100 alts anyway just to be able to train any skill that can be extracted as alpha. Even beyond 5.5mil mark.

You know you cant use 250msp on a single ship? He’d be no better in any given PvP encounter than someone with 25msp.