If it possible to remove acquired (unused) Skill Points from a character?

I used the 1 million free SP on one character, but did not apply them to anything (they remain unused). Is it possible to remove said unused SP so that I could give them to another character besides using one of those skill injector things? I’m speaking specifically about the 1 million from the referral. Not the stuff from daily events or log in prizes.

Or would I just have to make a separate account?

you can remove 500,000 SP from a character after you are beyond the 5.5M SP limit… but only then can you remove any SP from a character to place it on another.

That is the Only way to remove SP is using the Extractor/Injector method…
To think, before the extractor/injector system, whatever you trained your SP on, you had to deal with and couldn’t remove it at all.


Otherwise, I could make a hundred alpha accounts, get a million skillpoints from each character, then move them all to one omega character and extract and sell the skillpoints.

Once you make an account and receive the million skillpoints, its done. You cannot move skillpoints other than skill extractors. And you cannot extract unless you have 5.5 million skillpoints.


No, you couldn’t make hundreds of alphas and get millions from each because that’s not how the million SPs work in the first place. I am only talking about restoring the 1 million - that has NOT been used to train anything - into the same state it was prior. Meaning only a character on that same account would be able to use it. I used the item, but the SPs themselves have not been applied to any skill. Again, these are SPs in the unused section at the bottom left of the training window. I can understand from the replies given that this is not possible.

Thank you for your responses.

NO. once redeemed on a character, they cannot be moved to another character on the same account.

No, once its redeemed to a toon nothing can be done. It can only be used or extracted.

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You are wrong, thats exactly how it works.

I can make a new account, using a referral code. I get 1 million free skillpoints.

Make a new account again. Use the same referral code, again. Get 1 million free skillpoints.

There is no end to how many new accounts you can make. And there is no end to how many times you can use a referral code.

I can make a million new accounts. Use the same referral code a million times. And get 1 million skillpoints on a million alpha characters. This is how it works.

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No, I’m 100% objectively correct. You don’t seem to understand what I’m saying… or what you’re saying to be honest. It seems like your switching to something different. Now you’re saying people can make infinite amounts of alphas and leaving it at that, as if that was what was being questioned. It wasn’t. The idea you first pitched was that a person could make infinite amounts of alphas and then funnel all the millions of free SP into a single character.

That is not possible. That is not how it works currently. Agree or disagree?
Again, the entire point of my post was asking if it was possible to revert them back to the previous unclaimed reward state so as to NOT use an extractor.

What you brought up in your first response would not be possible because 1.) It would revert back to the same unclaimed state it was on that single account before it was redeemed (i.e. I’m not talking about making it into an extractor that could be sold or contracted on the open market). 2.) You cannot get additional 1 million SP prizes on the same account. So you have that 1-time item in the reward queue shared by all characters on that one account and that’s it. And finally, 3.) You cannot use the 1 million SP item on a different account than the one it was originally given to. It’s directly applied to the character on redemption.

There would be no way to funnel it into a character on a different account. I reiterate: It would revert to the same unclaimed state it’s in when you first get it. So unless you can funnel an account’s SP rewards into another account right now, you wouldn’t be able to in the scenario I proposed.

Yes, because that’s what you said. I quote:

You specifically said that you wanted to give it to another character other than the method of using skill extractors.

You never specified whether you were talking purely on the same account.

The lack of communication was from you, not me.

Again. Let me quote you.

Yes, this is exactly how the SP system works. You never said anything about transferring those million sp to another character.

The current system works in a way where you can make a hundred alphas and get a million skillpoints from each referral.

Well, no, you didn’t propose anything, you asked if there was a way to remove the 1 million SP and give it to another character. Those were the exact words you used. You were unsure if any such mechanic existed. There’s a difference between asking if a system exists, and proposing a new system and making the argument that it should exist.

I suppose we could just chalk this up to a misunderstanding of sorts, but yeah, you weren’t being very specific about a lot of things.

So you’re going to pretend like you didn’t reply to my second post, but instead replied to the first post again? Is this really what we’re doing?

You quoted my second post in your second response to me so why are you now going back to the first post? Is it really that hard to admit you made a mistake? Geez.

Here’s the situation as I understand it:

A player creates a character called Bobby. Bobby has a million skill points that haven’t been applied to any skills. The player creates Suzy, and wants to transfer the million skill points from Bobby to Suzy.

In-game, there’s no way to do that. You’d have to apply the points to skills for Bobby, then use extractors, provided Bobby meets the 5.5e6 SP threshold for using an extractor. In addition to ISK, a certain number of skill points would be sacrificed.

The only other thing I could suggest is opening a ticket with CCP, and explain you’d like to transfer the points from Bobby to Suzy. I don’t speak for CCP, but the only way I imagine they’d agree to it is if you were willing to have Bobby deleted after the transfer.

That’s a long shot that probably won’t work, but it’s the only way you’d be able to do it without extractors, and it would likely be a once-in-a-lifetime deal.

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Do you realize what section of the second post i was replying to?

Again, read what I was quoting, and responding to, and read what my responses are.

After I initially responded to you, you came back and said “No, you couldnt make hundreds of alphas and get millions from each”.

Which is wrong, because, you can infact make hundreds of alphas and get millions from each, you just cant transfer those millions to another character without skill extractors. Again, you didnt say anything about transfering them.

This was the part of your comment i was correcting you on.

Notice how I didnt actually comment, at all, on reverting the 1 million SP to its original state? Notice How I didnt quote your entire second comment? I understood that you were talking about simply reverting the 1 million points to its original state from your second post, but the first part of your second post was still wrong, so i corrected you.

You write:

And yes, I did, because you werent being very clear in your first post. And you werent being clear on the second, either. Again, chalk it up to miscommunication, but yes, the miscommunication was from your end.

So, no? You can’t admit you made a mistake. Your ego is that fragile.

I never implied you could not make infinite amounts of alphas. Obviously, as a person who plays EVE I would know that I can make an account at any time without a credit card. There is no way an active player could not know this. You’d need to take that line and completely isolate it from the context of the discussion ON PURPOSE to come to such a conclusion. Here is the context of my words you quoted above, what I was replying to:

You are clearly wrong here and I was clearly correct to point out that is not how the SP system works. You made an error, it’s patently obvious and I’ll leave it at that. Take care.

Not 100% true. After a certain total SP limit that a character has, THEN diminishing returns kicks in… But if you were to theoretically give Bobby’s points to Suzy, Then if suzy was just created, she would get the full 500k SP from the injector.

  • 0 to 5 million Skill Points at time of use = 500.000 unallocated Skill Points
  • 5-50 million Skill Points at time of use = 400.000 unallocated Skill Points
  • 50-80 million Skill Points at time of use = 300.000 unallocated Skill Points
  • 80 million or more Skill Points at time of use = 150.000 unallocated Skill Points
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Thanks for the correction.

Its like you didn’t read a single word I wrote.

I’ve never seen you or talked to you before in any capacity. You joined the forums 2 weeks ago and have made 13 posts so far. I don’t know if you’re brand new or not. For all I know, you could be a 2 week old. You’re certainly asking something in your original post that most, if not all players who have been playing eve online for a generous amount of time would know.

Are you new? I have no idea, and nothing within our discussion ever pointed to how long you’ve played or how much you know.

So, obviously I have no idea how much you know or how new you are. I’d think a reasonable person would agree that someone who joined the forums 2 weeks ago and asks a question that most players know the answer to, could certainly be a new player.

The context of the discussion began when you, a seemingly new player on the forums, asked a simple question that most players know the answer to, and worded it in a way where you didn’t specify if you were trying to apply it to characters in different accounts.

I don’t think you understand the English language.

otherwise - Simple English Wiktionary)%20You%20use%20otherwise%20to%20connect%20two%20clauses%20where,would%20have%20been%20here%20earlier.

I don’t think you understand what it means to connect two sentences with “otherwise”.

I said “No. Otherwise, this would happen”. This means “No. If the answer wasn’t No, then this would happen.”

So no, I was not wrong here. I was pointing out that if the answer to your question was not “No”, then this would happen, and it would be exploited by everyone. Which is what would happen, and I am a hundred percent correct.

I am relatively new. And even a new player can grasp from the very mechanics of how accounts work that you cannot transfer SP across accounts. Much less in an item that is applied immediately upon being claimed. But that’s beyond the point. You can’t admit when you make mistakes and I’ll leave it at that.

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I will not assume what a new player does and doesn’t know. Why would I? They are new, they don’t know anything. There are plenty of things that new players ask in the new player Q and A where I would think is basic knowledge for any MMO, but its their first or second MMO ever so they don’t know.

I always assume a new player doesn’t know. If I assume they do, then it would only confuse them if they had no idea how the mechanics worked.

You keep repeating this, even after I’ve demonstrated that yes, infact I didn’t make a mistake.

When you poorly word a sentence, and proceed to fail to understand what the word “otherwise” means, thats a failure on your part.

And the proof is in the pudding. If all you can say is “why can’t you admit you made a mistake” right after I’ve demonstrated twice how it wasn’t a mistake, you’ve proven me right.

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