We, the ALPHAS demand a skill deallocation!

Dear EVE DEV team,

Alphas has been around for months now and we have already trained 4 million skill points. Not the best of skills but is mostly the alpha filler trash skills that you have predetermined months before.

And now you want to stop free alpha training at 5 million skill points which leaves us with only 1 million left to train unless we spend real money ?

Basically you have now rendered all ALPHA account which has been training for months inferior to a new ALPHA.

Basically you want all current ALPHAS to abandon their months-long character and make a new ALPHA in order to fully utilize the free 5 million skill points for the most optimal skill queue given the new set of available skills.

This is most unacceptable and is the most irresponsible wishy-washy policy change we have seen to date.

In order to remedy the situation, we, the ALPHAS demand a skill deallocation of all the trashy filler alpha skills we have trained so far in order to be competitive to a freshly created ALPHA. We will accept unallocated skill points or half the amount in daily skill injectors.

Hoping for an answer from a real member of the EVE DEV team. Thank you.

P.S. All elitist players and community managers kindly stay off my thread. This does not concern you.

Alphas have been around for an entire year…

Can you justifiably demand anything from a business whose product you are enjoying for free?


Old Alphas cap at 4 mil skill points, new ones at 5… but you’re saying your old Alpha now cannot get up to the 5 million??

*waits for other Alphas to confirm this

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Shoot I need to buy some, oh well

I would start another char if I was you, so you don’t fall behind.


Alphas. Give 'em an inch and they’ll take a mile…


ah ha ha haaaa



You play for free and want something else? There is solution - and we all know it)))


We the OMEGAS say: NO




Love it when someone says WE…As if he represents the entire community. YOU want, YOU buy…subscription :smile:

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give them a finger, now they want whole arm. Demand actually.


The future of society, ladies and gentlemen.

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Been playing since 2003 and I approve of this message.

I thought of this, TBH, CCP will just have a lot of alpha accounts that will not be used.

Im going to create a few more now. Max Combat frig with maxed tank and t2 damage skills. Rest is pointless as i have 2 subs.

Can a alpha use a skill extractor? I.e get to 5.1m and extract?

You can instead learn patience little alpha OP,I have 4 omega accounts but because the new alphas seemed like such a steal I added an extra 30ish alphas to babysit for training into different roles.
Your problem isn’t being alpha your problem is your mentality and inability to think ahead,I can safely say your problem is YOU.


Well, OP, let me ask you this very simple question. Who in the name of Holy Hell has made YOU the spokesperson for all Alphas? Or, to be a bit more precise, for ME? Nobody.

I get it that you feel underprivileged going short 1 Mil SP to a new Alpha. And its ok to ask for rectification. But the point is, you don’t get to make DEMANDS, you ASK. Nicely. And hope your request will be granted. If not, your loss. End of Story. But DO NOT ever assume you speak for all the alphas out there, or even the majority.

I for one are totally fine with the 4 mil Skillcap. So are all the other alpha alts my Player has going. We’re trader alts, haulers, some are even PvPers. Maybe some of us will even go omega, who knows?

But this? What is this, a Kindergarden pissing contest? “Waaaaah, those guys have a bigger epeen than me, waaaah. Do something about it.” Ok. Here’s what we’ll do. Its called nothing. We’ll just wait till you adulted up and learned some a) patience and b) manners.

I hate to say this, but i totally side with Ima and Parasol on this matter. Maybe if you’d done a poll beforehand. but right now my answer is a big, fat NO.


No no, you can still purchase the daily alpha injectors using in-game isk and get more SP beyond the 5 million. Plus they are relatively cheap, only 50 million isk too.

The OP sounds like a fireman

no what he is saying is he skilled all the filler crap to make up sp when they were more limited, but now he can specialize but to do so would need to start again, I have the same issue, I got battleship just in time but cant train large weapons on my alpha guy because of the limit without needing to farm for the alpha injectors.

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