We, the ALPHAS demand a skill deallocation!

Agree with this, even though the chances of this “dev team” actually doing anything about it are slim to none. For one thing, Eve is a gimmick game, which means they knew exactly what they were doing when they set the skill cap this way and what it would mean for players. Its a constant push to get you to spend more money.

You see these same sort of tactics with most F2P P2W games, its alot like going to Vegas and playing their casino video machines, they start you off with some enticement and you play the game for free or perhaps just a small amount of cash. Then after awhile the machine wants you to up your bet to continue playing and if you do they offer all kinds of crap… and it goes on and on until your wallet is empty.

Same type of tactics here, the only difference is in a casino you have some chance of making your money back.

Also, to the forum fly “aholes” that insist that Alphas dont have an opinion because they are not currently on a month to month payment plan, consider this:

*Obviously CCP needs Alphas or the game wouldnt be F2P in the first place
*Just because someone is an Alpha dosent mean they dont pay anything, some people are Omega vets and some bounce back and forth when they play more.
*Alphas can (and do) buy from the store same as Omegas
*Just because someone is in Omega status, dosent mean they have poured a ton of cash into the game either, they could be just buying plex with ISK.


Just one more thing as a side note, not that CCP gives a crap but I wanted to mention it in passing.

Now that there is a skill cap, having new chars “pre skilled” up to 400-500K with no way to turn back the clock on these skills is just a waste of skill points.

For example: New Caldari chars start off with a large amount of pre-allocated skill points into the gunnery tab, even if they (like most Caldari players) have no use for gunnery and plan on spec to missiles. I noticed that all new chars seem to have the same gunnery spec no matter what their race ships typically specialize in, assume it has something to do with the intro/tutorial quest line.

Just saying it would be nice to have a say in allocating those points the way you want and need instead of the way its done currently.

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OFC it was set up that way…the whole point of trial accounts is to get you to sub.

That applies to EVERY account, you’re lucky really, it used to be 50k allocated points you got and had to sub for any more.

Guess where this forum fly “ahole” is going tell you to stick your ridiculous sense of self entitlement?


As alphas get three pilots per account like everyone else you can just train a new pilot up to 5 million SP for free. Your old alpha with some trading and industriral skills is still very useful and those “filler” skills of yours are the “bread and butter” skills for other players.




Dupe thread much?

Of course the original was less assholeish, without things like “demand” and the exclamation mark at the end.

I of course agree with the idea, since I posted the first one, but not from some sense of entitlement as the OP does here. Mostly because I’m not “an Alpha”, I have multiple subscriptions.

But conditions of the Alpha skill expansion is a little bit of a breach of trust on the part of CCP against those it is trying to court. CCP has made it clear that Alpha is not an unlimited trial but a new way to play that they intend to monetize. Before the Dec release the way that Alphas could pay, was with buying PLEX and/or Aur. These are real world money payments for in-game things other than upgrading to Omega. And at least buying Aur (now PLEX) to buy and bind SKINs to a single character is a real world paid transaction. Any Alpha who did that is a paying customer of CCP.

Now comparing Apples to Apples, or Alphas to Alphas. Early adopters of Alpha accounts were basically beta testers for the Alpha program, which now because of their play and feedback has been expanded. (Into what I think is a good, very playable system.) The only problem is it “rewards” the early Alphas with an inferior product to any new Alpha.

Aside from the intangibles like standings, in-game reputations (something so valuable according to CCP characters can never be renamed), and other grinded for character-bound things, it also creates the situation where the old Alpha is offered the choice “either pay us more to have the same product we are now giving for free, or lose the things you’ve already paid for.”

I admit this is a very small sub-set of Alpha accounts, but there are such accounts who are paying Alphas and have been slighted in this update. I see no harm in saving all the Alphas some restarting time for the sake of those who have made CCP money in the Alpha beta testing process. (I assume that this number is actually bigger than we think, because by expanding Alpha CCP has taken a stronger “it’s not a trail” stance and more of an “it’s a valid gameplay option” stance, and this indicates that the Alpha program is making them real world money other than converting into subscriptions.)

I would never wish such things on EvE, but imagine if there was an over-all skill-cap (less than training all skills) or that your efficiency in doing something in the game was based on a percentage of relevant SP to total SP. Everyone would be up in arms about it, because never in the history of EvE has training a skill come with an in-game cost (other than the time to train it). This is what the expansion has now done, every SP an Alpha trains costs not only the time to train it, but also the opportunity cost of other skills you can’t train (without paying for those SP).

I know there are some of the old vets who feel “I paid so you should have to pay”, that’s understandable, But if that’s the community’s attitude to change, new players, and a new business model, then we really are in a sand-box, and we have failed to grow as people since those first years playing in a sand-box.



Tell you what. Use the alpha daily injectors on your now paused old main and start the skill queue up on a fresh alt. For the sum of 600 PLEX a month you could get significant training done and benefit from the poor man’s equivalent of a MCT because you are getting training done on two characters within that same month.

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The only thing more annoying than the OP’s sense of entitlement are FW defensive plexers with a full rack of stabs.

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Umm… One question from an Alpha to the omnipotent one.

Can I pee on your leg?

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You, the players who contribute nothing to CCP’s bottom line ‘demand’ do you?

I suggest you go and consume a large sack of phalluses.

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Do you really think CCP introduced a system that would make them lose money? Are you really that stupid business-wise to think that Alphas contribute nothing to CCP’s bottom line (i.e. make CCP lose money)?

If you do think that’s true, I might suggest you rethink you choice about playing a game in which so much of it demands an understanding of finance and economics.

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hahahaha we, you represent nobody but yourself.


CCP is here to make money. They cater to their subscribers. If you aren’t a subscriber, you are content. Actually, now that I think of it, even if you are a subscriber you are content. Long story short, why would they go through the hassle of making alphas content when they can make them discontent and possibly subscribe to the game?

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The Alpha program is a trial, and the trick is to make the Alphas “content” enough to like the game and subscribe if they want to go past the Alpha limitations. Compared to the trial system that existed pre-Alphas, the Alpha system is more generous: with the trial we used to get 14 days of game access and that was it, had to Omega after that, or we’d get NO access at all, login denied.

CCP doesn’t want to piss Alphas off, and you guys are valued potential customers. Please realize, though, that whatever you demand, they’ll likely interpret as “this is what Alphas desire, this is what we can lock behind a pay wall to entice them to pay.”

They don’t “cater” to subscribers much, either; we don’t get everything that we demand. We get access to the game, and that’s about it. Ship balance, gameplay balance, new stuff that they introduce, that’s all firmly in CCP’s control, and they don’t really listen to the playerbase any more than any other MMO developer does. If you look at the pricing structure for the PLEX, MCT, and NEX stuff, it’s all mostly designed to make money for CCP, exploiting people’s desire to “play for free” (grind ISK for PLEX), advance faster (MCT costs, cost of skill extractors/injectors), or look cool (all the NEX clothing and ship paint jobs).

Per the EULA (section 10.B), you don’t own anything in-game, not even your character. The only thing you’re entitled to is access to the game servers so you can play. The only thing you can keep is the fun that you can get from playing; CCP can shut down the servers and erase everyone’s characters, with no refunds.

  1. Buy PLEX
  2. Train up to 2m SP in skills that you want your alpha to have
  3. Buy 4 skill extractors
  4. Just before PLEX expires, extract skills you don’t want
  5. Sell injectors to recoup initial PLEX and extractors cost, and even have a bit of spare change left over
  6. Goto 1

U got to play eve for free (with restrictions ofc). The game offers you the possibity to get Omega by buying it with isk… how good is that? If you are a skilled alpha player u can make those isk to get to omega… you dont have to pay realmoney. You think that the developers dont want some rewarding for their game?

I thought I was the only one that felt you are rude representer of all Alphas when noone asked you to post or say anything. You also want reply only from ccp dev saying you don’t care about everyone’s else’s responses.

Well since I wasted my time reading yours you will have to read mine. I am an alpha myself a tad a bit smarter than you of course. The only person to blame for your poor skill choices is you and noone else.

Now if you want to get more Skills, work beach and go buy skill injectors. I worked for mine so you can do the same or buy to become omega. If you don’t like these solutions just quit ! You sound like an arrogant brat so noone will miss you.

Best wishes :*


You could just go shoot at a statue like a bunch of other whine azzes did. Use lasers…it is cheaper.


Not empty posting.

You dont have to pay REAL money, you can always pay with ISK.

Or buy a skill extractor and reallocate your skills where YOU want them. Just get over the 5.5mil SP… and then extract and reskill.