We, the ALPHAS demand a skill deallocation!

Being an Omega, I applaud the Alpha’s and their attempts. It is because of such attempts by Vets that Eve Online remained going through its years of turmoil.

Now the Alpha’s demand more content to purchase game time with, which is excellent.

Oh this is cute. Someone who doesn’t pay a cent and thinks they can make demands.

No, the free to play crowd demands more free stuff they don’t have to pay for. When they get it, they’ll move on to crying about the next thing they want for free and that’ll continue until everything is free and CCP is bankrupt as they no longer have any revenue source. Which is never going to happen (the CCP giving up its revenue part). Meaning alphas will just keep crying. CCP should double down and take something away from the whiners every time they whine instead of caving in.
If they want access to all the shinies, they can pay for it just the same as everyone else did for the past 15 years.

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This guy has to be a democrat, pay for the game just like all the real players have been for years


I don’t see a problem here. Just give all alpha char which is created before new alpha update one time skill point re-roll. Hurting player base with that?
No ■■■■■■■ way!
It’s a re-roll, not a plus. Besides, alpha has such gimped skill tree that it usually better to pay first month to get core skill rolling to make ISK than trying to make anything with it.

Also the skill is not parallel training, only one char is trainable at any moment. One re roll for old Alphas hurt no body honestly.
I see no harm nor exploitation to be gain from this.

OP should also learn to giving advice though.

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What about a service from CPP which would cost same as 500 plex that unskill all your character skilpoints and gives them to unallocated points. Ie. re-skill

All your sp for 500 plex to repurpose?you’d wish.If it ever comes into play it’ll prob be more like 500 plex for 1 mil sp repurposed.

Pay for the game like everyone else.

Having free access to the game is a PRIVILEGE, not a RIGHT.

Your self-entitled „demands“ are laughable.

For 12 of the 13 years that I‘ve been playing (and paying for) this game, there was no free to play option. So tell me again why we should give you even more free stuff when the game (and its continued development) isn‘t even worth 14$ a month to you?

The issue is in the fact that alpha accounts unlocked new skills, but old alpha accounts can’t train them because they trained all the meh skills since that’s all they had available.

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That’s not really a big deal. You can get skill injectors and boost your skills.
Its all about decision making if you messed up so badly and chose all the wrong skills you can use a different character rather than moan about it in a stupid tone in the forums

You just have no right whatsoever to demand anything as an Alpha, because you are not supporting this game by being a paying customer. You can ask for and propose changes. Be happy that you are privileged to play the game within limits for free. 'nough said.

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lol, tell that to my 6 omega accounts please. It would be nice to be able to reskill the toons that were just alpha accounts that i might use one day into the actually useful stuff that’s available now without having to pay for the account, considering i’m already shelling out almost $100 a month to “support this game as a paying customer”.

Lets be civil please, despite the OP being a numbskull, his point is still worth considering when you remove all the autism.

Wouldn’t be very wise for CCP, to make Skillpoint-Reallocation possible for free. That would take one of the major ideas of Eve - that your decisions do have consequences that you can’t just dismiss by wishful thinking - out of the game. Aside from there being a mechanic to reallocate Skillpoints that is already in place - using Skill-Extractors and Skill-Injectors - just not for free.

There are no filler skills in EVE. Everything you used to be able to train in Alpha was useful, still is, always will be. You have to change the details of your training plans cause you learned more about the game? Welcome to New Eden broh, it’s a bumpy ride.

You should be grateful your horizons and money-making opportunities were expanded to let you fly ships that don’t suck. Don’t complain cause you got to play a subscription-based game for a YEAR before you ran into a barrier incentivizing you to join up. The Other Game only lets you play about 6 hours of content before doing that.

CCP should have never expanded Alphas to include Battleships. Battlecruisers, yes - but not Battleships.

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I’m not unsympathetic to the point (in fact, I think it’s a very good point), but she lost me by “demanding” a change from CCP (while paying nothing).

The real irony is, in the time this thread has been active, you could have just started a new Alpha clone from scratch taking into account the changes.

I don’t necessarily have a problem with a ‘Skill Reallocation’ feature for Alphas (similar to remaps). You get one (1) every year provided you’re under 5-million skill points.

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Yes, he can.

Thinking that not paying for a game doesn’t allow you to say your opinion it’s just discriminatory.
More than that, if you want my opinion, treating well the free users (alpha) it’s just good for tha game itself and will provide more paying users in the long term. (League of Legends demostrated this, for example).

Thank you for your opinion, but…what you see as OP’s opinion I see as (and the OP claims is) a demand. Those are not the same thing. Certainly the OP provides their opinions in their justification for the demand, but absolutely nowhere in my post did I say (or imply) that non-paying “customers” cannot put forth an opinion. A demand usually carries the connotation that the demanding party has a right to what they are demanding, and it is this “right” that I questioned.