Pre training Skills

So first off before any flaps their gums and complains about, i’m not saying lift restrictions & i am a paid player so relax your fedoras, What i propose is alpha players to be able to purchase skills books & train a omega skill BUT it remains locked out, a tab can be shown which skills are omega locked that has been trained, So when they do end up subbing, its ready to use, cutting down on training time when they are subbed.

Sounds like a whole lot of coding and developer work for a very niche, very marginal benefit.
Alphas can only train 5m sp. They can have up to 20m, with the remaining 15m coming from injectors and daily log in sp rewards.
If an Alpha really wants to do this, they kind of already can, by saving up unallocated sp instead of using it straight away.
The Alpha program is already pretty generous imo.

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If you consider the 5m SP threshold, this can be quite complicated for real newbros. Probably you want to skill a specialized alt (PI, Scout) for free. Nice try.

Wrong but just a generic toxic troll attempt of yours just like my other post. You have nothing of use to say. Remember your place

I just ignore your hostility.
So enlighten us: What skills may be interesting that you can’t use AND block valuable “skill space” for a trial account?

Edit: By the way: Have you tried to propose your ideas here: Player Features & Ideas - EVE Online Forums? Perhaps there’s a better environment.
We don’t discuss changes of rules here in the Newbro forums, we just explain how it works.


Mine? you are just rude on both topics you comment on, you never have anything of use to say, you just keep being rude on both subjects, you’re just toxic. try be more human and when you comment, understand the topic, don’t jump to your usual conclusions and assumptions & actually add something of benefit to the question being asked. this isn’t reddit. Your toxicity doesn’t help at all, especially when you dealing with a new player, makes players like myself question if the community is toxic if we have the misfortune of dealing with players like you

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Word to the wise, accusing folk who are being pretty benign, of being toxic trolls is not the way to get yourself taken seriously.

You’re coming up with a bunch of, quite frankly, bad ideas.

Those with far more experience calling them out as bad ideas isn’t being “toxic”.

Your character was created in April. I confess it may be an alt and you may have been around a lot longer, but I somehow doubt it.

Your opinion only, nobody asked for it. don’t like it? ignore it. simple as that

that’s one hell of a way to treat someone who has tried to help you and shown nothing but respect and patience.

I don’t understand the benefit. So say I buy the Mining Barge skillbook, and train it to (what level?). Then after I’m done training it, the game blocks that skill and goes “you need to purchase omega to unlock this skill (that you just wasted however many hours/days training)”? Or is the idea for skills that have alpha skill caps (rather than omega only), i.e. Frigate V.

TLDR: if they can’t even use the skill, why let them train it at all? It would just be wasting time, time that could be spent training alpha usable skills.

Well, the benefit is a created unpaid char which can gather up to 5m SP.
If you need a PI Alt or a scanner Alt, this could be prepared for free this way. Also if you want to go Barges, you can already “pre-train” Omega skills and wait to go Omega later. Perhaps by merging with an existing account (fill an open slot), this way you don’t need MCT.

I’ve already asked OP if he may come up with other purposes, but he obviously doesn’t like me [shrug]. Been there, heard that :wink:

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you need to find something better to do, better yet, go see a god damn psychologist, there’s something very wrong with you mentally. You lack the basic decency most humans have but based on your name? i’m not surprised you lack common sense. Explains why you are always rude to players whenever you comment on a forum, definitely a redditor

Let’s get back to the topic: What skills are worth to be skilled without being useable for an Alpha?

Alphas can buy any skillbook on market. This sometimes is annoying for Alphas if they buy an Omega skillbook which sounds helpful but they can’t train - and thereby an incentive to become Omega.

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