Winter Alpha Skill Expansion

I don’t know if CCP had it in mind, but I am just throwing in an idea here: since Alphas get the ability to fly Battleships and Battlecruisers, a bit later in the year, can you please consider opening up only the skills available to us, a bit earlier in the year? What I mean, is to give us a bit of a window between the winter Expansion and Lifeblood expansion, so we could have a bit of a smoother transition to an upgraded state? I know, that I speak a bit complicated here, since I am having a hard time understanding what I just wrote here, so please comment below if you need explanation.

Alpha joke: can I bring my Mach?

holy ■■■■ did this guy really just ask this? my god is getting the ability to fly them not good enough for you? can you even train BB (and the skills to use them) w/o going omega or using injectors?


And why would I become upset that free accounts are getting that for free and with a small lobotomy even 1 minute after the tutorial?

I only paid 11 years to have all that.


No, I never said that said that it was not good enough for me. I actually think, that it might be a bit too much. But, since CCP has already considered doing it, I am just asking that skills, which will be unlocked later in the year, might be unlocked a week or two before the winter expansion. Please, don’t use an angry/provocative tone in here, I am trying to be nice here.

-de Obliviator Preon


I do not understand what you are implying by this comment.


It’s not the end of the world if you aren’t 100% maxxed/optimized for the new alpha the second the patch goes live

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just use injectors

If you kept your subscription for consecutive 11 years(whether with real money or Plex)

  1. You enjoyed all the content over a decade ahead than of new players.
  2. You are wielding at least a 100m+ sp character.
  3. You have accumulated a massive amount of in game wealth.

That means when eve is fully f2p(maybe dat day would come), you will still have an astronomical amount of advantages over new players.

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According to my understanding of your words:

No, that seems impossible, ccp could tell us what the new alpha skill set includes, but unlock them earlier means release the content earlier.
Plus, it’s only 5m free sp which would only take a couple of month for an alpha to fully train, it’s like a split of seconds to eve players.

It is 212 million now and no, I did not. Whatever gave you that silly idea?

The bot-farmers in their sooper-dooper-ratting IWIN pwn mobiles are accumulating infinite amounts of isk. When I am in null, looking for a DED complex, I have to watch out for ganks, alts of ganker-gankers, fail gank attempts and everything else that produces zero isk.

If I cannot shoot the red thingies, I do not get paid.


While I don’t think CCP should or will open the new Alpha skills early. What I would like to see is what skills are being opened to Alpha players. I have watched the videos but CCP does not show a list. I would think they would have to open a lot of skills to get the Alpha players to the 20M SP CCP talked about.

Probably not as much as you think. 4 racial spaceship command skills to level 4. Thats 4 lots of frig. 4 lots of dessies. 4 lots of cruisers. 4 lots of battleships.

And on top of that; 4 small and medium weapon types up to level 5 and 4 large weapon types up to level 4. Hybrids, Projectiles, Missiles and Energy weapons.

I suspect thats a cannie bit already before support skills.

I saw your carrier =)

I agree with you on that one, I don’t like the amount of ships unlocked



I wasn’t saying that it’s crucial to me. I have stated: “just throwing in some ideas”

Which I had to sell again when I moved back to highsec.

no, you can’t, because I’m pretty sure you’ll only be able to fly your race’s BS.

i betcha some isk it’s gonna be enough for alphas to run incursions, which i theorize is supposed to be the biggest sink of 'em all.
maybe i’ll write a Gen. Disscussion about it.