An Absurdity With Omega Character Skills

My Cilla Cybin toon, part of my one Omega account, has just 4 million skill points…while I have just over 10 million. That is because I’ve had the entire skills queue set to this account since December. I could pay for multiple account training…but then consider this…

I created a new alpha account too. It is sitting there gaining SP, and can get as far as 5 million SP without me even logging in or paying a penny. How is it that a free alpha account can gain more SP from doing absolutely nothing than an alternate toon within an Omega account ?

That simply does not make sense. Every Omega toon ought to have that same ability to reach 5 million SP…even if the skills queue is switched off for it. After all, one is paying for Omega.

They can actually reach over 6 million SP really easy by waiting to claim SP rewards until after you 5 million SP. Alpha accounts, however, train more slowly, are limited in what they can train, and struggle to pack on SP after hitting the passive training cap (and carry other restrictions in terms of items, multiboxing, and access to missions). So, free definitely comes with downsides.

Also, and I don’t know if this is right for you or not, but you can an alt for free as an alpha, and then pay 20 bucks to switch him over to an omega account.

But all my SP rewards go to this toon as it needs them as my most active account…especially with a whole load of level 5 skills coming up. In fact as I can see from the rewards list when the skill points actually are going to be…I always make sure to log in this toon first on that day.

Sure, Alpha accounts train slower, but that doesn’t alter the fact that my Cilla account has been stuck on 4 million SP for 6 months now while I train up this one. The alpha account could potentially overtake Cilla in skill points…without me even logging it in.

At the very least, an alt toon within an Omega account should never find itself worse off than any equivalent alpha account of the same age would be.

Is that not kinda obvious that it will be the case if you do not have any skilling going on the Omega account?

Why is that a surprise?


But the skills still accumulate on the free alpha account. Why should a toon within an account that I am paying for end up potentially worse off in skills points than a free account ?

The point I am making…no Omega toon should be worse off, points-wise than any basic alpha account of the same age.

But it will because you stopped skilling the omega account.

If you ran both at the same time on different accounts the Omega will always be ahead. And it will continue skilling after 5mil where the alpha will stop.

In no normal circumstance is that by design. It is only the case because you decided not to continue skilling the Omega account.

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But you can only skill one toon within an Omega account at a time…whilst the alpha account continues to gain SP regardless.

You can only skill one character per account, that is correct. Regardless if it is Omega or Alpha. Unless you get MCT

And Alpha does have a limit on skilling.

Maybe something got lost in translation as your original post does not actually state what the actual issue is.

Maybe I should ask…

Why did you stop your omega char skill training?

Which means if I create 3 toons within an Omega account and consistently skill only one of them…as one can only skill one at a time without paying more…the other two will end up with less skill points in due course than an alpha account that started at the same time.

That is just plain bonkers…that toons within an account being paid for can end up worse off, skillswise, than a free account.

O I see what you are suggesting, that a same account alt at least gain sp at alpha rate until they hit 5mil sp? that would would be op as 5mil sp is plenty for a same account alt but no where near enough for a proper alt that needs to stay logged in.

You have to take into account a few things as well, that same account alt can never log in at the same time as a side account alt and to transfer that same account alt over to a new account so that you can use it at the same time will cost a few plex to transfer few bil worth.

The other side is that once that same account alt is trained they are able to keep using omega skills even thou only 1 of those chars are paying for the monthly sub so different things for different people.
If you want alts that you might need active use a side account start them as alpha and then convert it to omega.

If you want something small like a neutral hauler alt or a jita trader then a same account works out better as the omega trade skills make a big difference, same for flying a blockade runner.

Personally I keep a jita trader/caldari fw alt on the same account as main and the other slot is open for now and my alt account is not active since about a month ago.

Ah context…

You want an omega account to be able to train 3 chars on 1 account. If you split the skilling (and god knows I don’t see the point of that) you basically splitting the skilling between 3 chars on the omega account does mean an alpha will get ahead but only up to just below 6mil sp.

However I do not have that problem. I have a few accounts and I need them to active at the same time. So I will never have your issue. My OMEGA account will always gain more sp faster than an alpha.

His premise is also flawed. By trying to train 3 chars on one account, splitting the skilling time, he should do the same for alpha. 3 chars one alpha account and see how far that gets him.

I switched the training from one toon to another, within the Omega account. I wanted a new toon with no mining skills and just combat skills…as I’d had enough of mining. But that left my mining toon stuck on 4 million SP ever since December. No increase whatever ( well…a few tiny increases due to rats while mining, etc ). Meanwhile my purely alpha account created in February continues to gain SP for doing nothing and in due course will overtake that Omega toon.

But that alpha will never be able to fly omega ships while your first char always will be able to.

Why not just continue the mining char with combat skills?

Seems like you are just over complicating things.

I mean… ever heard of combat miner? I have found memories of killing a frigates with my battle bestower, or procurer.

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Eror makes a good point both chars would have to train a lot of overlapping skills like fitting and tank skills so might as well do everything on 1 char.

But why should any Omega toon, under any circumstances, have less SP than an alpha toon of the same age ?? My third Omega toon has existed for 7 months and has only 1.5 million SP. An alpha account would have long since surpassed that. Omega toons should not be worse off than equivalent alpha toons.

So many overlapping skills… lol.

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It does not have less…

You are making it have less, stop being obtuse.

A jita trading alt only needs about 4mil sp, maybe a bit more if you want a combat ship to get standings up or more if you want it to haul at the same time but realistically those type of chars can get to everything they need and stop training and be completely fine.

What are you suggesting is my main question? That same account alts get a a free training que?

I cannot believe how thoroughly you are completely failing to grasp the point. Is there some part of ’ you can only train one Omega toon at a time ’ you didn’t grasp ? I’m not ‘making’ anything.