Thoughts on skill training & Omega

currently skill progression can happen as an alpha to a set amount
faster training is behind a paywall (making the game, ALMOST pay to win)
while equally some content is locked behind behind this paywall (anything to do with t2, salvaging, scanning, combat etc)

so how about this and yes i know this will be a wild idea.

remove all skills from behind behind a paywall and allow all characters regardless of skill level which have alpha clone status the chance to progress all skills at a lower rate progression rate.

the current rate is fine and thus omega gets the same rates, however it opens up all content options in return for increased user activity.
personally I think that the first 5 million skillpoints for an alpha should be at a hyper increased rate being x2 of the omega training rate.

this is so new players can skill up fast instead of having to wait 3 months to train basic skills.
and in theory will help increase player retention.

this also means if you’re omega, got a big beefy training list and you’re going to be short, of like myself
you’ve just experiences serious tech issues over the last few years when your clone goes from Omega down to Alpha
you’re skill progression simply decreases but never stops unless you don’t keep your skill que fed.

even is a game where you progress your character over time, passively, so if you make an account why should this stop.

I would like to throw out the concept of anything to do with capitals / T3 in this alpha state should be at a 50% of base alpha rate.
while omega will progress normally

its a known fact some people take breaks from the game due to IRL issues or other frustration and let their omega run out, but when they come back “oh hey you were alpha
and still progressed this whole time”
it also means that already trained skilled such as jump clones aren’t lost to alpha, once its trained you have it.

the idea behind this is that it keeps people in the game to some extent, 6 month break up.

perhaps you could make this revised alpha training a workable dynamic for each player based off of the total omega they’ve payed for.
just as exmaple if for every month of omega paid for, they gain an additional 30 days alpha training time, so if you came along and bought 5 years game time, you’d then have
an additional 5 years of alpha training time ontop of it.

when our omega runs out and we come back to the game, it always sucks to see our skill not not progressing on some level and if you’re logging in and flying around as an alpha
but that time is just kinda grinding by, without that low key sense of progression some people might log out thinking they’ll come back to it, but might have to wait a whole month.

my thinking behind this is once they’re in the community and paying to play the game you instead of retroactively rewarding people create a benefit for them
for pro-longed game play and interaction within the community.

TLDR: when someone pays omega give them an additiona 30 days alpha skill training regardless of skill level, unlock all ships and skills to all players, once you earned skill, you keep it

additional thoughts:
perhaps having omega status could become a factor in docking or using station services fpr NPC/Structures

When I returned after 6 years, the climate was:

  • Skill Training had been overhauled and some skills removed/rebalanced/whatever - some players, I hear, logged in to find reimbursed Skill Points. I did not. I don’t know if I was ineligible, or just got screwed.

  • ISK - When I returned, I had 465m ISK. I distinctly remember leaving with a couple of bil, but with no way to actually find out for sure or prove it (for example, to do a petition) I just left it.

  • The Syndicate Welcome - When I returned, I only had one reasonably decent ship - a Dominix - and due to various changes of the time I was away, the fit was totally screwed up. I tried to fly it through the pipe at PF-346 and was immediately relieved of it and my pod (this is the Syndicate Welcome)

This all happened in the space of about 25 minutes and it reiterated to me the absolute brutality of this game.

This should never change, but your proposed skill queue changes could do exactly that.

For that reason, I’m out.

Alpha status is not free to play EVE. It is your trial.

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trials are usually time restricted.

And it sure used to be! But it turns out 14 days isnt really enough time to figure out what EVE is all about.


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