Omega Skills train after Omega Time


Pay to play makes sense for an RPG under constant development as great games by great developers should be supported in that way.

But if an Omega skill is added during Omega time then those skills should continue training even if the Omega time expires.

There’s already more than enough incentive to continue purchasing Omega time by locking out Alpha clones from their Omega skill sets.

Omega skills already have an ISK cost and a real-world time cost associated with them. Along with a real-world monetary cost to use them.

It would only be appropriate for you, CCP, to support the players that support you by allowing us to continue training the Omega skills that are already in our queues when Omega time expires.

After all, we can’t use them or add new Omega skills without adding Omega time anyways.


umm… no they shouldn’t
that just drops their own income.


That would be abused so much by people (myself included) setting up accounts just to farm sp to extract.


You’re paying for Omega Time only and not training time. It allows you to use Omega skills and train Omega skills past 5m SP at twice the Alpha rate. You can leave your queue paused or empty the whole time and CCP won’t owe you anything.

Yep, Once you get past that 5.5 mil mark, you must inject SP to continue to train, or become omega and keep training. So its not the fact that its an Omega skill, but also that you are over your SP limit to train. as an alpha. and Alpha’s can’t train Omega skills anyway, so once your time is up, thats it, whatever was training is done until you re-up.

The only reply here that wasn’t just a repeat of how the game functions was the one regarding the abuse of SP through multiple accounts and even that could be stopped easily with some minor changes to how multiple accounts currently interact.

Before there was a queue, there was incentive to log in and update skills.
Many players would actually wake up at 3 in the morning, so they could enter a new skill when the old one completed.
It was part of the game though, and it could be manipulated by swapping skills for a few hours each day.

There was also a condition called ‘ghost training’ like what you are asking for.
If the skill was in, and your account expired, it would train until completion.
People with 2 accounts could just alternate characters and get things trained without paying for the whole year.
You could queue up a Dreadnaught or Carrier and get a months training for free.
Or just let it lapse for 3 days every month, and get 36 days for free every year.
The math on that one is about 10% less income for the company.
Imagine running a company where you give away 10% year in and year out.

Ghost training was cool for us, but terrible for them.

In 2016, CCP Games had a revenue of 81 million USD. EvE Online is certainly not the companies only game and games might not be the companies only source of revenue as software developers.

The point is they CAN afford to let us “Ghost-train”.

5 million mark, not 5.5 million.

my mistake, i was thinking of the point where they can extract skills.

No, you need Omega to train Omega skills. Period.
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