Add Omega Time...and then?

Hi, my question is simple: as an Alpha I reached the 5million cap for training skills so now I have only 2 choices: use skills injectors or became Omega.
If I understand correctly there’s also a third way: buy Omega Time. But I have some doubts.

First, I read that "If your Omega time elapses you will switch back to Alpha Clone State. Alphas are unable to use or train the Omega skills but all money, items and ships will remain. Your progress in the Omega skills is maintained and as soon as you upgrade again all your trained skills will be active."
Ok, but what about if I use Omega Time to finish training some of the Alpha skills? They will remain active after my Omega Time elapses or they become inactive as the Omega skills?

Second, if during my Omega Time I buy an Omega ship and fit it with some Omega modules, when my Omega time elapses will I still be able to use ship and modules? (I think not because of the Omega skills inactive, right?)


Alpha skills are Alpha skills and that means they do not require Omega to use or train. Whether you train them while you are an Alpha or an Omega doesn’t matter at all. Once you have them whether you are an Alpha or an Omega, those skills are always useable. They are never not useable once trained.

Omega ONLY skills are a totally different thing. They can only be trained while in an Omega state, and only be used while in an Omega state. If you train them as an Omega and then revert to Alpha, you lose the benefit of those skills.

The Alpha pool of skills was increased in December to number just over 20 million Skill Points worth of skills. Those skills are listed and set and are always useable in an Alpha state.

Have a look here for more details and the full list of always useable Alpha skills:

As to your second question, you are correct about not being able to use the ship and modules. You will not even be able to fly an Omega ship if you revert to Alpha status.

Bear in mind also in the December update they made it that Alphas can fly up to Battleships. They also removed the faction lock, so you can fly any factions ships, including Pirate ships like the ever popular Machariel and Rattlesnake Battleships. You will struggle to find a ship you cannot fly as an Alpha for quite some time (mining is the main area that still has severe limits as an Alpha).

Hope that helps! :slight_smile:


Yes it helps a lot, as this is all I needed to understand.

Thank you :slight_smile:


Personally I like having an Omega Clone account. It allows me the ability to use everything, provided the required skills are trained. In my opinion the best option to sub an Omega Clone account is to buy a yearly subscription. It actually costs less and allows your character to do whatever you want in-game without worrying about grinding enough ISK to buy PLEX to sub your account.


dont forget to tell him:
usually 2 or 3 times a year there is a discount on omegatime … then you pay 10% less i guess … so maybe you want to wait for that … but i dont know when it happens again …


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