Will trained Alpha skills during Omega time remain after Omega expires?

I’m thinking of getting Omega for my character and was wondering if I trained extra non-omega skills because I’m currently at the skill point limit, will those skills remain active when omega time expires? Unlike omega requiring skills, that become inactive once omega expires, alpha skills should stay active, right?

Yes. Be aware that “alpha skills” don’t all go to rank 5, for example all skills in Shields category. those skills would effectively “downgrade” to the max alpha rank until you re-sub

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Additional problem: You don’t see any more which skills are only omega as soon as you are upgraded. So you should set up your queue before upgrading and then leave it working.
This way you can get a char up to these exact 20m SP Alpha-skills, which still can be used in Alpha.
So a fully skilled omega char in/after a hiatus can use this skills in alpha, too.
I didn’t check this list thoroughly, but it looks ok: EVE Online Alpha Clone Skill List


Skills which require Omega will not be applied when the character is in Alpha state, but when Omega is reactivated, they will also reactivate.

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