What happens to skill queue when going Alpha

So i intent to take a break from EVE and return some time later. Right now i am training Non Alpha skills, will they keep on training after my Omega time expires or not?

I assume when i fill my queue with 50 alpha skills instead they will train for sure, even when i just can add 24h of skilltime as an Alpha clone, right? Does it change something when i log off with my queue set up as omega and then login back as alpha?

I’m pretty sure your entire que gets wiped when going from Omega to Alpha. At least that’s what appeared to have happened to me…

They have fixed the ghost training. Now your queue will pause if you are training non Alpha skills until you log in, as an Alpha, empty your queue and select any available alpha skills within the time limit. If you are over your 5mil SP you simply will not train or be able to add anything more.

Cavet. You will be able to add skills in the queue to use injectors on even if you cannot train anymore.

What about if your queue is filled with alpha skills, will it hold 50 skills and tick down gradually or restrict you t one 24 hour skill

Whatever fits into 24 hours. It wont start, or shouldnt anyway, until you trim it down.

damn, oh well 19 days of omega training left then, ill try and make the most of it

When you downgrade, if your queue is a valid Alpha queue, nothing happens. If you have an Omega skill, but the queue is otherwise Alpha eligible, it should train until it hits the Omega skill and then pause. If the queue is too long, it should either pause or trim.

Basically, nothing too bad happens.

What if you got more than 5M SP when the downgrade occurs? somebody said it won’t train more than 5M in alpha state.

It just stops, all skills are yellowed out. You can add skills in order to use injectors but thats about it.

Your SP count doesn’t matter. Your Omega skills will be locked away and disabled, but you can continue to train any untrained Alpha skills you have until you run out of those. You can have a 27 million SP Alpha, especcially if you were Omega and ran out of sub time.

However, you’ll be the same as an Alpha that has the same Alpha skills you do, though your SP may be up by orders of magnitude.

That was kind of true before the Dec update, but it is not any-more as “untrained Alpha skills” can be up to 20 mil. Alphas can only train Alpha skills, but they can also only train up to 5 mil total SP.

Also, if you happen to have 4,900,000 SP and you have a single skill with 200,000 left to train on it as the lone item in your queue, it will run while you are logged in, but if you log off with the queue running it will give an “error message” and pause the queue until you log back in and restart it.

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