Training Queue Upon Upgrading to Omega

How does skill training work when a character upgrades from Alpha to Omega. Say a skill level requires 9 days to train as a Alpha. If you trained for 4 days and 12 hours and then switched to Omega, would the skill automatically level or would it simply be reduced to 2 days and 6 hours? I assume the latter, but you never know. Might as well ask.

It doesn’t affect anything you already trained. There’s 4 days left which thus becomes 2 days.

The advantage of Omega is applied only from the time you activate it, so the increased SP accumulation would only begin from then, reducing Time Remaining but not providing any retroactive benefit.

I think?

Is the answer?


  1. You will train faster.
  2. You can have up 50 skills in the training queue.
  3. You have no limit on train time.( mine is at 225 days atm.)

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