Do skills still train even if PC is turned off

I would just like to know if my skills that I am currently training will still train even if my pc is turned off

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yes, as long as you have some skills in queue that is not paused.

Alpha accounts can have up to 24 hours of training queue, but if last skill in queue spills over that limit it will be trained regardless.
Omega clones dont have restriction on the queue length as long as they stay omega.
Only one character can be trained on account unless you have used multiple-character-training thingy.

While there’s no maximum training time limit for Omega’s, there is a limit of (I think) 50 skill levels in the queue at one time - I don’t know if it’s documented, but I did manage to hit in once when stacking up a whole load of level-1’s, -2’s and -3’s to train while I was away on holiday.

I do confirm anyone can only have 50 levels of skill stacked in their skill queue at any moment. This limit is quite easy to reach, even more when you’re training for capital ships skills, as the Jump Drive skills take a lot of time, and a lot of room.

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