Skill queue inactive, the timer stopped counting down

Hello, I am an alpha clone and decided to try the game in singularity. I was able to train skills, which I could not train otherwise in Tranquility unless I pay and become an Omega clone and use ships I cannot afford to buy.
Suddenly my skill queue became inactive and it blocked on Gallente Battlecruiser 3 level where the timer stop working. I tried to take it out and put a new skill, but it returned automatically on Gallente Battlecruiser and the timer does not count down. It appears the following message:

Message: 'SkillInQueueOverAlphaSpTrainingSize’
Args: None

I liked Singularity and would like to continue with it, but if I cannot train a new skill it looses the point.

Im guessing you reached either 2m SP or the new 20m SP level for Alphas

Alpha SP training size remains 5 million SP and your status on Singularity will be whatever you were on Tranquility when the last mirror was taken. For anything over 5 million SP you will need to use injectors or purchase Omega time. Once trained, you will be able to use the new Alpha skills without subscribing.

Your test server characters are periodically copied over from the Tranquility (live) server.

As far as Alpha, as described above, the new system will be:

  • extra skills tagged as “trainable” by Alphas, the total of which if you add them together amount to 20 million skill points
  • but you still can only get 5 million skill points while in Alpha state

So that means choices:

  1. Stay as Alpha, and you have a wider range of skill choices to pick from, training up to 5 million skill points. You can pick ships from any race, you can focus on getting to battlecruiser (minimal skill points in frigates, destroyers, etc), maybe focus a bit more on industry or trading.

  2. Stay as Alpha, spend some money on Skill Injectors. Once you get to the limit of 5 million skill points, you can inject skills past that, until you’ve injected all the skills available to Alphas.

  3. Go Omega, train skills at Omega speed, 20 million points per year. About half the cost (in euros) than getting injectors for all the Alpha skills.

Play on TQ and your skills will remain as you had them.

Keep your character on tq training so that when they copy tq to sisi you have the skills.

Since you are trying out omega skills that you wont have trained on your main youll need to retrain them every copy. Maybe invest in some skill injectors on your main and keep them in the cargohold of a ship that never undocks. Then you can /copyships those injectors over to sisi once a day.

Your immediate problem of being unable to train omega skills on sisi can be alleviated by buying plex for 100 isk each and activating them on sisi. They are seeded everywhere.

Come on over to Tranquility where you will find human beings to play with.

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