Clone status on Singularity is different then what is on Tranquility

I have always had an omega account since joining in 2009. However, when I login to SiSi I am greeted with a message that states my skill queue has been paused, because my clone body is an Alpha and I have skills in queue that can only be trained with an Omega clone. Trouble ticket that I issued received the following feedback;
Thank you for contacting the EVE Online player experience team.

Unfortunately, due to its very nature, we can not offer any support for the test server. Any support, including requests to have accounts activated on the test server or any technical issues encountered is handled by the Quality Assurance developer team via the Test Server Feedback section of the forums.

You can find the Test Server Feedback section of the forums at the following URL:

I have been stuck in this situation for over a week now. Any help and or advice on how to resolve this would be appreciated.


I logged in to test a few things and found my self in a alpha clone state also, I went to the market and purchased 500 plex, on SISI they only cost 100 isk each and activated an omega clone state like that.
While it won’t transfer your skills from Tranquility it will at least let you use omega stuff you can already use.

The reason I suspect you are in an alpha clone state however is probably due to the last time the server was mirrored, if your omega state ran out between the time the server was mirrored you would end up in an alpha clone state until the server is mirrored again or you log in and activate an omega state through plex.

You can use a command to get all your skills from TQ to Sisi. Its “/copyskills” without the quotes. Also you can use “/copyships” but the ships are not going to be spawned in their stations from TQ, have to browse player assets for them.

And I’m not sure but mine showed up after the daily reset, so you may have to wait on that too, especially if you jsut switched to omega, or at least restart the game with a pause inbetween etc. so your account refreshes.

Oh thank you, that will so totally help my different skill que on SiSi.

Good info here- thank you.

I never let my subscription lapse, yet still shows up as Alpha on SiSi, what gives? Thank you for posting this information about purchasing Plex and copyskills. But seriously, CCP you can not get your sh£$ together? Since why would the so-called mirror of tranquility show my character as an Alpha and not an Omega clone? And nice post on the message received from CCP … messages of worthless info … are just worthless.

There’s no reason to blame your lack of understanding what a mirror does and what a testserver is on CCP.

But let me elaborate: A so-called mirror is nothing other than a copy of the tq database, migrated to the sisi database. Which means it will also (correctly) copy your current clone state.
Let’s say you have 30 days of subscription left when the mirror happens, then sisi will get the information that your clone state is omega and will be for another 30 days. If you buy more omega time after the mirror happened, this information will be stored in the tq database, but will not go into the sisi database. Which means after 30 days your account will become alpha on singularity, even if you’re omega on tq for longer.

And for the “worthless” message from CCP: It was always clearly stated that there is no ticket support for the TESTSERVER, which is provided As is, so why would one be surprised for not getting any support?

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