Singularity test server mirror

I recently upgraded to Omega again like around 2 months ago, I wanted to try out the singularity server. My clone in the singularity server is in the Alpha state. I was wondering how I can get my singularity clone to Omega.

If I remember correctly, typing /omega into local will set your account as Omega on SiSi.

If not, Google it.

I think you can buy plex too and just sub

That won’t work until sisi is updated, I think. IAC another alternative is to just wait for that to happen.

Alright thanks for the reply.

I just subbed for a month just to see if much had changed and had the same issue. I bought Plex (100 ISK like most things at trade stations) and it let me upgrade to omega. While the character sheet reports the correct number of SP since I last played a long time ago, I would say about half those SP aren’t actually represented in my skills. Its rolled my skills back about nine or ten months in training time. It makes no sense at all, but I know there’s nothing I can do about it. I already tried putting in a service ticket about the alpha issue and they told me they can do NOTHING about Singularity issues. Typical CCP…glad I got a discount for that single month. I’ve been averaging a new ticket every other day since returning - nothing has changed as far as the bugginess. Hell they haven’t even fixed the bug where multiple stuff gets selected when you shift-drag a single item in inventory and that’s been going on for a decade. Such a shame that no other company has the brains or the courage to make an EVE-like game that’s not a grindy, broken mess.

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