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So after a long break from eve i have come back, put my main account into an omega and wanted to hop on test server to try out some fits in abyssal, anyways noticed my test server pilot was alpha so i tried purchasing plex to get it to omega, it buys the 500 plex each time but i never receive it, figured id wait until downtime maybe it would update next day but no luck.

How do i get a pilot into omega on the sisi test server? or is it not possible?

This might help:

Also make sure you are checking your Plex Vault for any Plex purchased and not regular inventory.

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Nah no luck with that sadly.

Using PLEX to go Omega no longer works on Singularity. You will have to wait for a new mirror.

Could try filing a Bug Report inside Sisi (only way to reach support there afaik) and tell them it doesn’t work and ask for an Omega upgrade for your account.

Not sure why they disabled Plex->Omega on Sisi, hopefully they fix that in the future. Seems odd to have a test server where Alphas can’t test Omega features.


Wasnt aware thry disabled that

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The funkction has not been turned off, but there seems to be a technical problem with the Plex Vault on the test server at the moment.
See also here :

Purchased Plex just disappers in Inventory - EVE Technology and Research Center / Test Server Feedback - EVE Online Forums

good to know, thanks!

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