Purchased Plex just disappers in Inventory

Hi all,

i tried to purchase some plex at different stations to upgrade to Omega. ISK is paid and there is a plex icon in inventory just for a second and then disappers.


How did you buy the plex? From the market, by contract? What stations should the plex be on and have you looked in your plex vault?

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Bought it from the market. Bought it directly in station and checked inventory and plex vault. Nothing is seen.

This is the 2nd post I have read about this in the last few days.

I have forwarded the question to CCP - as soon as I hear something I will report back here.


CCP is aware of the Issue and will inspect what in Detail is going wrong there.


Seems to work for now, i am able to buy plex and it’s visible in plex vault.

… but upgrading to Omega does not work.

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