PLEX is disappearing

Hi guys! I dont know if anyone else had this issue before, but I bought 1500 PLEX from the store and then tried to sell PLEX for ISK on the market. I have done this a couple of times before and usually the transactions are instant. This time the transaction timed-out and I didnt get any ISK, but the PLEX got withdrawn from my vault/wallet. It got placed in my inventory and when i tried to put it back to my PLEX-vault by draging it from inventory to the vault, the PLEX disappeared from the inventory but did not appear in the vault. So now almost half of my PLEX is gone into thin air. What is happening?

I wondered where that PLEX came from that appeared in my vault.

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LOL good one :slight_smile:

I can’t sell plex for isk. It gives me an error, and then the plex I tried to sell shows up in my item hanger, but only after I log out and log back in. Then, just for the LOLs, apparently, when I order that plex in my item hanger to go back to the plex vault, it vanishes again, and only appears back in the vault after I log out and log back in yet again.

So I can’t sell plex for isk and something in the last update screwed up your currency routines.

Nobody seen this apparently


Lost 1000 Plex. I expect this to get fixed

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I’ve lost 100 plex. I opened a ticket for it (1858317). I’m a relatively new player. Loosing real world money (I paid for the plex) is not good.

Glad I don’t buy PLEX with real fake money.

Update: I have talked to the customer service, according to them the issues is fixed but it will take time for them to give missing plex to those affected. They couldn’t give any timeline for when everyone will get their plex back.

I image they will have to pull market logs of every plex transaction over the affected period and compare to plex logs (if they have any).

I don’t think that’s going to be quick.

Yes, I dont think so either.

So has anyone had their plex returned to them since this happened? It’s been 9 days since the 500 plex disappeared from my wallet and I haven’t heard anything back from CCP. That is unless you count that cookie cutter note they sent out the day after, no responses to my open ticket at all since then. For a game that is as established as this one is, you would think their customer service would be a little more on point. Some type of acknowledgment that they have received the ticket and are working it would be nice.

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