Issue of selling 100 PLEX

I don’t know if people had the similar issue before.

Today I sold 100 PLEX for about 400M ISK in Jita Caldari Navy Assembly Plant via the PLEX Vault - sell PLEX for ISK.

I chose to sell immediately. Apparently that order I just sold to is gone.

Now my 100 PLEX is deducted while I have received no credit from the market. Maybe some tech issue?

I have checked my transaction, my order, and this particular transaction is not shown anywhere.

I try to restart the game but my 100 PLEX is still gone, vanished… I am sort of confused.

I filed a customer support ticket. I don’t know if CCP can track the data since there is no record on my client. Can’t find it on my market order or market transaction history.

Just want to throw this out here so others might encounter similar issue when trading PLEX. Maybe don’t sell PLEX immediately later on cuz the buy orders could be gone very quickly?


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It’s in your station item hangar


There’s sometimes a delay when selling stuff in jita especially or your wallet doesn’t display new balance unless you reopen it . I won’t dismiss that the system may have eaten your plex just check every possibility

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Yes I have never thought about this point. I believe you are correct. New players like me are confused by the complexity of EVE lol

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