Where is my PLEX

I bought 600 PLEX and sell for ISK in JITA 4 but when I sell it, my PLEX became 0 while my ISK still remain the same. I have chosen the immediate option to sell it. Could some one tell me where my PLEX go?

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Servers were having issues a few minutes ago. Try waiting a little and if nothing comes up then you can file a report ticket. Check your market orders while you’re at it as the buy offer may have expired while you were selling it.

did you sell the plex or put up a sell order?

If it’s the later, you won’t get the isk until someone buys from your sell order.

The server has been doing strange things today because of DDoS attack. Hopefully that is not it, but might be a possibility.

If it were me I’d check my “transactions” tab in my wallet and see if plex actually sold. Then I’d check my “my orders” tab on market window and see if the plex is still up for sale or has been made a buy order. I’d also log out, clear launcher cache, restart computer, log back in, clear cache from esc menu and see if that helped.

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Thanks. I have found my PLEX back after I restart.

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