My PLEX disappered

Sorry my english

I was buy 15400 PLEX from Steam at Saturday
and i was buy all PLEX to ISKs
But, after several errors, in my log, 9765 PLEX only exchanged
the rest PLEX disappeared
So i send a ticket to Help Center Yesterday 11:00 am
But nobody answer to me
How can i fix this problem?
How can i receive to answer from Help Center?

Saddly I dont know what i do

no one can help you here, you will need to wait for a response from the help ticket you logged.

Sometimes if you sell a chunk of items and the order you are selling to doesn’t have enough quantity to take them all, the remainder will go to your deliveries in the station you are selling them at. That is likely where your plex are.

explanation for what happened: you was selling plex in a large bunch but there was no buy order covering the whole amount
the not sold plex in a transaction like yours goes not back into the vault they land in the station or cita hangar
just hit alt+t you will find them where you was as you did the sell, you can remotely transfer the plex back into your vault via rightclick oin the plex in the alt+t window

no ticket needet, you can close the ticket via the support center and safe some GM time

Yes check your inventory hanger the Plex should be there just right click the icon and there is an option to transfer it to your wallet.

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