I just lost 40 dollars in plex because of a bug in the market

filled an order for 900 plex and it just dissapeared with the order. no transaction history, i opened ticket no response, and i just started playing i would like to know what happened to my REAL money.

Are you certain you don’t have a pending market order? It is possible the order you wanted to sell to was filled, or that you tried to sell to an order that was not within range.

Check your station item hangar.

There are thousands of PLEX transactions on the market every day - that kind of bug would have been detected a long time ago.

If you are selling 900 PLEX to a buy order you will need to have about 50 million ISK in your wallet to pay the transaction tax. If you don’t, the transaction will fail. If it is a personal sale the PLEX should stay where it was. If it was a corporate sale, the PLEX will be in Corporate deliveries

Did you check the PLEX vault? If you can’t figure out yourself, wait for the ticket to be processed. GM’s should be able to tell you what happened. Would not worry too much.

No way you lost it. Even if you did the GM’s are real good here and go over things in detail, you will be reimbursed. Give it a couple days. Check your hangars. Look at the market, it might still be up for sale, which is what you described sounds like if the order was filled while you were clicking.

im hoping you filled the right order…

It’s bizzarre that things like this only happens with new players.

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