PLEX vanishing after purchasing from market

I’ve hopped onto the test server for the first time in months to test a couple things. I’ve tried to purchase PLEX off the seeded orders as well as an existing one to revert back to Omega, but on both occasions the PLEX appears in the item hangar for a split second before vanishing into the ether. It doesn’t appear in the vault, cargohold e.t.c… just disappears into thin air. What gives? :thinking:

Did you file a bug report?

Just sent one off, I was curious if anybody else had the same issue.

Yep same here. No way to get to Omega.

Same here. PLEX pop up briefly in the hangar then disappear. ISK is lost. Can’t test Omega stuff.

I am also having this problem

Same here.

problem seems to be resolved now

Proplem apeared aggain

Yup, this is happening to me now. Is it perhaps a new login issue? First time accessing Sisi here.

I’m also having the same problem now. logged out logged back in, and plex is nowhere to be found. Not that I really expected the relog fix to work.

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