Eve online singularity omega

Unable to get omega status on singularity. What could be the problem?

You can buy plex as thats the easiest way.

If you were alpha at time of mirror on TQ, then SiSi will reflect that.

Plex should be 100 isk each. Need 500 plex to switch to omega


The char status was mirrored some weeks ago, so you have to upgrade manually. The PLEX solution seems to be the easiest way.


ccp only mirrors singularity (SiSi) test server to reflect the current state of things on our tranquility game server when they want to use sisi to test something. Until they do, things on sisi will be at the point they were when the last mirror was. Could be days or weeks.

I bught 500 plex, applied for omega status, but nothing changed, alpha remained


I am Currently having this same issue with some of my accounts. All of them are alpha and after buying omega time with plex nothing happens and the plex is taken.

I’m pretty sure CCP is happy for your personal donation for the further development of EVE Online. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :smirk: :blush:


Submit a bug report via F12 on SiSi then

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On that note also submit a support ticket through the related website as soon as you can if you haven’t already did so yet.

This is the SiSi thread. All support is routed through the bug report system only

Oh never mind, thought test server threads have their own section which this one is not in and didn’t pay attention to the title.

Moved to Test Server Feedback - EVE Online Forums

It wasnt in the right section but they were asking about getting omega to work on sisi

I guess you missed the part of my post that clearly states I didn’t pay attention to the title. :upside_down_face:

Now you’re up to date, do you have any suggestions? Looks like PLEX doesn’t work. A ticket should do the job, but takes time.

Up to date since several posts but as I was still responded to I’ve replied that’s all.

Btw if you’ve read the related posts it was already mentioned and to it it was revealed support only works through the bug report system in case of the test server.

We’re still able to missunderstand each other…
It is good to know the ticket has to be launched from SiSi, but that’s not the point:
We try to find out if there is a (simple) way to update/align the omega status on SiSi. Either someone knows a button, a rule mentioning the issue, or devises a workaround - kind of a brainstorming, and you are welcome to contribute your veteran knowledge :wink:
Right now the ticket is the main option, but we still wonder if there’s a faster way.

Again this is why I specifically mentioned it in my reply above. A few posts earlier we were informed support tickets do not work regarding the test server. Instead you have to use the bug report system. At least according to what was replied to my post.

There are no separate support tickets for one server or another as far as I know thus you can not lunch a ticket from SiSi as you put it. All one can do is submit a bug report on SiSi and hope it gets resolved sooner or later. Which is kinda silly if you ask me but I guess the test server is only a priority if there is actual testing going on by CCP so I guess it makes sense somewhat not to divert too many resources to it otherwise.

Btw I never used the test server before so no veteran knowledge regarding that this is why I didn’t plan to post more here when realized this is a test server thread. Though as I keep getting specifically replied to I respond to the inquiries. :wink:

As for the subject matter, my impression is that no there is no easy workaround. The thread is more than a week old at this point so by now I assume someone would have provided some insight so the lack of such suggests there is no such thing. Seeing how little attention the test server gets from CCP this seems not surprising.

Maybe the fastest would be to tag an ISD, CSM or Dev who pays attention to test server related issues. Well just an idea not sure if there is any such person but maybe out of personal passion for SiSi someone does just that. I don’t know a specific person like that but might be worth checking the other test server threads with a reply from those groups to see if there is someone who can help.

Aside of that it seems there is nothing else than the bug report system as according to the related posts support does not handle test server related matters.

This is what I can offer as useful feedback.

Edit: Just to clarify and make sure it is emphasized, the bug report system and support ticket system are not the same as far as I know they are two separate systems.

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The thread indeed is old, but it was moved to the Test Server section only 14h ago, perhaps now the SiSi pundits come along :wink: