Omega Singularity


What the hell you doing CCP ?
How could i test something when my charakters are in ■■■■■■■ alpha clone ?
I don´t see the sens about this !!!1
At this moment Singularity is for nothing without Omega !!
I wanna test something in Eve now and not in 20 month when you are decided to do an new mirror. Sorry but that was absolutly nonsens. Please think about the things you would change and not handicap the people who wanna test somethings. Please remember, we pay for Eve and wanna use it !!!
We pay your monthly Income.

There are PLEX seeded on markets on singularity, so what’s the real problem here?

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he probably didnt know you can activate omega on sisi

ya i have 7000 plex i buy omega but its not been activated … or its lagging bad

Good evening,

if you are Alpha and wanna be Omega with Plex. Doesnt work on Sisi atm. New Eden Store is bugged. They try their best to make it work tomorrow/friday.

OP, the Test Server is for testing upcoming game mechanics not your personal EFT, access to it during non-testing periods is a courtesy given by CCP.

Why do people feel the need to post this in every single thread about the Test Server? If CCP didn’t “need” us on the Test Server we wouldn’t have access.

They need us to test things for a few months at a time beyond that access is a privilege not a necessity.

You clearly don’t understand how the World works. :rofl: :heavy_check_mark:

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