CCP, please mirror!

CCP, can we please get another mirror soon? I’m sure I speak for more than just myself when I ask, I’ve been scourging the forums this past week and I’m sure you’ve sensed how edgy people are.

I’ve recently re-subbed to the game, been back for nearly ~2mo which unfortunately was not captured in the last mirror. I don’t know what my old password was.

Any response would be appreciated :slight_smile:


please yes! i have re subbed 2 accounts and check daily to see if i can test some things on test server but it says i am still not omega… we would love another mirror! please and thank you

you can buy plex on the market to go omega, its only 5k isk or so.

If you just need to be omega, you can just buy plex ingame and omega on sisi

I agree. I’d like to test things out as well but get the login invalid issue. Is there a schedule for when things are mirrored?

Whenever CCP feels like it by the looks of it

i want mirror nao. i also want to be ignored #ccplease

plus 1
I am new in TQ
And SISI don’t recognize me

I fully support a new mirror missed out on mass test do to the mirror not being updated -_-

mememe want mirror pls