Please activate my account

Please activate my account


please activate my account

Accounts are not added to Sisi on demand; you will need to wait for the next mirror. There will probably be a mirror before the end of the month; CCP averages a mirror every 3-4 months and the last mirror was in October 2020.

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so, next mirror this month?

Probably, but it is not a guarantee; it takes developer time to mirror the databases and do a bunch of prep activity to complete the refresh, so if they don’t have hours available, it may not happen until March.

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turns out its activated just old password lol

god the prices of skill injectors is insane…why the helll is the ONE THING that can be most USEFUL on the test server so scarce and pricy?

blowing up 50 rorqs just to get one isnt my idea of fun lol

because they are not seeded on the market by CCP, so since they are produced, the players can charge what they want.

@Geddings , if you changed your password since the last mirror, which was in Feb, then yes the previous password is what you’ll need. New players who start after a mirror was placed, cannot join the test server until the next mirror.

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