Attempting to get on the test server for the first time

This will be the first time I’ve logged onto the test server. Every time I go to log in, it tells me wrong username/password but its 100% correct. What am I missing?

The test server uses a past mirror of the database. That means if you changed the password recently, it may still have your old one.

If this is a brand new account, you might be out of luck though. It won’t be present at all and there is no way to add a new account that I am aware of. You’ll have to wait for the next mirror which happens semi-regularly (weeks/months?).


A recent CCP post indicated that the next mirror is most likely to occur mid October.

Well I started playing mid/late July, has there been a mirror since then?

Last mirror was June 26. They only mirror every 3-4 months, or if they have a mass test and update the server for that

Ahhhh okay, so I started playing right after the mirror. Tysvm

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