Not sure what my issue is can't login

I havn’t been able to log into the test server in AGES. It used to be because i changed my PW since the mirror and didn’t remember the original PW. But they have mirrored since then and i havn’t change my password at all. SO idk why it isn’t letting me login…

Any help would be great

you didn’t do anything to be banned from the server have you?

No not at all. Its been ages since i’ve been on the test server last

When was the last time you changed your password?

@Mkikaden_Tiragen you have any clue what else could be the issue?

What message are you getting when you try to login? Invalid UN/password or something different?

Last time i changed my password was not sure on exact date. But I can say with certainty it has was least 5 or 6 months ago which its been mirrored since then so shouldn’t my current pw work…

I honestly don’t think there is any other issue i’ve never done anything to get in trouble on the test server… I just don’t know why it wasn’t mirrored.

From the launcher i get this message

Login failed. Possible reasons can be:
Invalid username / password

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you’re not mistyping the username or password right?

Same problem here, I changed password and now It says wrong password, even when I logged in without problems with new password in both launcher and eve page. In fact is this same account that I cannot log in test server. I would appreciate any help.

If you changed the password for the live server since Nov 12 2021. Then you will not have access to the test server.

Why? Any reason?

November 12 was the last mirror. So unless you remember your old password, you won’t have access to sisi

Last time i changed the pw was literally last july

OH they didn’t mirror it in december? when the update went live?

No. They mirror from TQ to the test server every 3-4 months.

When they do mirrors, they post a separate topic in the forums, like this: New Singularity mirror 2021-11-12

An ‘Update X Now Live on Singularity’ topic only means there has been a code change deployed, not that a mirror was done.

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