New Singularity mirror 2021-11-12


A new mirror will be deployed today to Singularity. I’ll update here as soon as it is completed.

Edit: The deployment has been completed now. Everything should be working as in the last mirror. Mass test SP for the last 6 mass tests have been re-applied.


prohibit zirnitras from masstests…its biggest cancer during masstests,these ships are fine but its no fun when someone spam you with 20-50 of them and evaporate your titan within seconds

Can I restore the /completeExtraction command? There are some tests to run.

just make limit for completeextraction to one use per 2 days

Well, RIP my POS module art shenanigans, but good to know its coming. I’ll just have to start over :smiley:

you can construct it again on this new mirror :smiley:

Yep, I can :smiley: will be a pain in the ass, but more than doable

I have very weird issue. Whenever trying to open launcher in singularity, I get an error about inability to copy files for singularity, my shared cache lacks permission to write, even though I havent changed these. Loglite doesnt even open. Whats going on?

Do you have a client running?

no, just attempting to open client at singularity and nothing except this error.


Any chance you could run the script to refund all the ore reprocessing skill points?

Try to test the new ore compression modules - but there are no skillbooks available :slight_smile:
pls add them to market

… and really??

  • 6 mobile Asteroid ore compression units (T1)
  • 5 mobile Gas compression units (T1)
  • 3 mobile Ice compression units (T1)
  • 5 mobile Moon ore compression units (T1)
    plus the same for T2 plus the whole show for the compact units sequence !!

cannot imagine using this in practice…

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Why has this sys info suddenly appeared since this mirror, and how do I turn it off?


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It flashes and changes color, it’s very distracting and annoying.

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i rather like it it changes color so u can see it no matter the background

hmm… doesn’t matter then type of station your in… inside any station r-click leave ship doesn’t work… you have to exit station, eject from ship and dock pod in station… MAJOR pain in da ass… plz fix

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I thought involuntary pvp is forbidden on the test Servers?

Exact. See General rules 1 and 2.

Its not enforced except during mass tests

Is it possible to CCP to add some SP, like 5 kk or 10 kk for testing supers in TQ ?

A:so can you please add a faction supers and titans for a redeemer window ? Just like an option. The same is to faction capitals.

Many people know about faction Sotio and faction caps but never ever seen them even in SQ.