New Singularity mirror 2021-02-15


A new mirror has been deployed to Singularity!

Update: SPs from the last few mass tests have been re-added now.


hey o/

It’s not just the skill points, I had over 9 mill, but also skills. I was sat in a moros yesterday, I have been training that for yonks for mass tests and was on the last few days of capital blaster spec V, can’t even sit in one now.

If we could also get those skills we had on sisi back that would be fantastic.


can you not just purchase a crap ton of injectors and do it yourself? If you could fly them on SiSi why couldn’t you fly them on TQ?

Anything done on Sisi is lost every mirror. Period. There isn’t any copy of Sisi’s database that gets saved off; the devs save a list of players who participated in mass tests and grant them reward SP again for the new few mirrors (up to 5, IIRC), but otherwise, everything is exactly identical to TQ (except for some Asset Safety-like movement of assets from Upwells due to the Abandoned state).

If you have been participating in mass tests, you should have spare SP available to inject back into the capital ship you were wanting to test. You also have all SP that has been trained on TQ in the interim. Absolute worst case scenario is you spend some Sisi ISK buying PLEX to get extractors from the NES and reallocate your existing SP if you trained something other than the capital skills on TQ.


@LYBITEL-TANKOW @Wolves_Rain @BellendNZ @Vuttex @Nevira_Ehilaikinn @Alba_Zitek @Hans_Devin
All of you recently inquired about the next Sisi mirror. Singularity was mirrored today, so you should have access with your current login credentials. Enjoy the server!


@Jedd_Andedare @BaassNL010_FlyingDutch @Aceyfacey @jaydon your access to SiSi should be available now.

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suprise mirror without copyskills and zirns seeded :pog:

i love the sound of chittering trolls and their ill thought replies to this thread. warms the cockles of my heart.
singularity To Do after a mirror

bonus video:

and you’d be right, for the one lucky person who snuck in just after sisi went online and bought the entire lot.

wish it had been me, but gods, could you imagine just sitting there clicking log in…probably a bot i’ll bet

When will /copyskills be available again? I’m 4mil+ SP short on Sisi compared to TQ.


Buy skill injectors for 100isk

looks like skill injectors are not on the menu

cheers o7

no, thats not going to happen. your skills are from the snapshot of tq.
thats what extractors to strip useless skills to inject to the ones you want are for.

injectors are never seeded. extractors are, strip your useless skills inject to new ones, win

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Definetly agree with you here Zack… Dude is either ban evading or ccp didnt perma ban him on tq

^if you guys dont know who he and me are talking about

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I thought the Eve forums were dead, but I was wrong. We have a good tear/hate thread going based on nothing more than a notice of a singularity mirror.

Good job, guys!

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SISI is telling me I have wrong PW. Its defiantly not since I used the pass to login to post this. It’s a 2003 account so pretty sure it should be on test server. all my other accounts can log in just fine. What do?