New Singularity mirror 2022-05-31


A new mirror has been deployed today to Singularity today.
Everything should be configured pretty much the same as with the last mirror. Skill points from the last 6 mass tests have been re-deployed.

Hint: A mass test will probably be scheduled for next week.


OK. Looking forward to it

if masstest happens please disallow bringing zirnitra dreadnoughts

I agree, the DPS on the Zirnitras is way too far

P.S: What day will the mass test be so I can prep

hey, new background nebula’s look fab, but something seems afoot with the lighting, its all polarized and weird lookin.


Singularity Update - 2nd June 2022 for feedback; make sure to submit in-game bug reports as well!

The graphic content buff looks FANTASTIC. Have noticed nearby planet when Look At, or, say, undocking nearby, is all black. Only when zooming out does it fill with color/texture. Scroll back in, reverts to black.

I sent a bug report about the ship graphics on the dreadnoughts being all out of place