New mirror for Singularity 2019-06-03

(CCP Habakuk) #1


A new mirror is being deployed to Singularity within the next hour. I’ll update here with details, as soon as it is back, but there are no major changes planned.

Update: Singularity is back online on the new mirror (from 2019-05-30). All rules are staying the same. Market seeding received minor updates, but is very similar to before.

Skill points for the last 5+1 mass tests have been re-applied.

(Jerry Falcone) #2

I’m sure you see all the threads below this regarding non-consensual pvp. Will you comment on the issue, or just let your rules keep getting ignored @CCP_Habakuk?

(elitatwo) #3

Cool! Let’s hope there wont be another keepstar spam by tomorrow night.

(Ember Fireheart) #4

I was afraid I was going to have to farm for months on the test server again to get “those” items back so I can do some test but I see you placed them on market again <3 thank you so much.

(Ember Fireheart) #5

Yea I cant stand more than 5 citadels in the same system It makes everything super anouying to find.

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(Darkon Chanlin) #6

It would appear not.

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(Jerry Falcone) #7

@CCP_Dopamine @CCP_Habakuk @CCP_Falcon somebody needs to answer about the blatant disregard for the rules being broken on SiSi and the fact you all aren’t doing anything about it.

(Darkon Chanlin) #8

There is a rumour that this will be addressed in the next release, where I believe DEVS get a buff to Spine and Testicles. No release date as yet, but we live in hope. :slight_smile:

(Devlin Shardo) #9

Cound’t agree more.

(supersteve Legendary) #10

I am liking the tactics here.
Posting onto one of their posts.

They should receive a notification regarding the post.
then they would be blatantly ignoring the messages.


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(Jerry Falcone) #11

@GM_Mechanic can one of you all explain this nonsense??!?

(Johnson Johensen) #12

I am trying to log into the Singularity Test server with my oldest known EVE Account, yet I am getting asked for a two factor authentication code when I had disabled that in early 2018. I have not been able to log into the Singularity Test Server since then, and it is frustrating to no end. What can be done about that problem, and can it be fixed?

(Devlin Shardo) #13

You should have gotten a security mail thingy.

(Johnson Johensen) #14

Nothing about a security mail or any of that. It just asks for a two factor authentication code.

(Chan'aar) #15

2FA does not work on SISI, there are numerous threads on the subject. CCP should really pin that info somewhere.

If you have disabled it I have nfi what might be going on other than :psyccp:

(Johnson Johensen) #16

Thanks, had to go through a half dozen posts to figure out how to bypass the 2FA problem.

Edit: Nevermind that.

(GM Mechanic) #17

Can you be a bit more specific? If you are referring to rules not being enforced on the Test server I’m afraid I can’t comment on that as the Player Experience team “Customer Support” does not support or moderate the test server.

If you’re referring to something else then please explain.

(Amak Boma) #18

i will explain… the two factor authenticator does not work properly on singularity,in some specific situations will not allow you to login… how we can disable that 2FA on singularity only?

(Darkon Chanlin) #19

Can I ask who does moderate the test server? You chaps do realise that if you’d just put out a statement about if and when the rules are used, and or enforced, this matter would be over by now, right? Something like the rules only apply when CCP are testing etc etc, other times you’re on your own…
A response from CCP would have just been courteous. There’s clearly a lot of misunderstanding here, we just want clarity, please.

(Chan'aar) #20

Try posting on reddit, more likely to have a dev read it there.

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