New mirror for Singularity 2019-06-03

Had to cancel training again because of an idiot who thinks pvp on a test server is fun.

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@CCP_Goliath you updated the rules 3 months ago, can you please clarify for those using the test server if the general rules apply only to mass testing or not?

You, as in the player, can not. You would need to get a dev to do it for you. But I spoke to account management and was told that the authentication code should be sent even if you are on SiSi. If your not getting the code then there may be some other issue like your email not being registered for some reason.

But according to the information I have authentication should work on both TQ and SiSi. Just make sure all your information is up to date and correct on TQ and it should be transferred over next mirror. Hopefully removing any future issues for you.

The test server is moderated by the Quality Assurance team.

I’m haveing issues with graphics and this means that I can not enjoy EVE at all. and the GM told me my system even if Mililtary use this modem for training pilots, its a reason to say it sucks,

I suggest you read further down this forum. There are constant queries about 2FA and SISI, I doubt it has ever worked.

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I’ve had to sit out of multiple mirrors over the last year with 2FA having been disabled for TQ, it should’ve been fixed by now. The fact that it has not, leads me to believe that it doesn’t seem like a serious problem for the devs to fix. [EDIT]

[EDIT 2] I’ve only got my STEAM account under the pop-up, it is hidden due to account security reasons.

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We’re working on a fix for this, to keep the sisi 2fa settings in sync w/ tq - I just ran a thing on the db that may help out in this!

lemme know if you still have issues and we can get it sorted

Many thanks.