New Singularity mirror 2022-02-15


A new mirror will be deployed today to Singularity. I’ll update here as soon as it is completed.

Edit: The mirror has been completed now. Everything should be the same as with the last mirror. Skill points from the last 6 mass tests have been re-deployed (btw: there will probably be a mass test next week).


Autistic Screeching.

Just curious, in the past you would announce the mirror before it would happen. Last few have been same day announcements. Why the change?

Wishing SP for the last 6 mass tests still applies :slight_smile:

i don’t think thats how they work…

Just that they did it on the last mirror. I won’t be offended if they don’t this time, but I felt free to put a reminder, if they could.

Yeah, it does.

It is mostly due to me being hesitant to announce anything before it is 100% confirmed (and this time there was quite some uncertainty due to sick leaves of co-workers) - but also a bit of laziness on my side. Sorry for this part.


No issue, I was just being curious if there was some other reason why the announcement set up changed…

totally understandable with the circumstances that is going on in the world.

Any idea when sisi will be back online? Is there an ETA?

Looks like that SQ server is offline.

Will be waiting when CCP will turn it on.

It is now in Online status. :upside_down_face:


The sisi server is now offline for some time.

Not sure what is happening, maybe adding some new features etc.

Will see.

Third day in a row of 5+ hours of downtime, first day was the mirror. No clue what yesterday was about, or what today is about. Still down now, 10:07 Eve time.

I believe that it is due to them pushing the compression update out for testing on it as mentioned here under the TOGETHER WE COMPRESS section:

The updates to compression are now ready to be shared with you again for feedback and will be available for testing on Singularity on 17 February

I could be wrong tho

So far I don’t see any ore compression modules on Singularity. Have they not been added yet?

Same I logged in first thing when home from work to test the new battle ships and ore compression and nothing has updated on test server yet. same as live server

Not really. I see skill books. But I don’t see the modules.

the books are on live server as well just no modules same as test server at the moment and it’s the 17th lol

@CCP_Habakuk mods for comp??